Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tiny French Fashion doll

I won this lovely lady on eBay recently.

She is just 6 inches tall and beautifully detailed. She was made in 1982 by a talented doll artist, but I don't know the artist's name because there are only initials and a date on the doll.

I have named her Victoria after the Queen of her day. I know how I will dress her, but have yet to summon the courage to start.

She will need a delicate lace-trimmed silk gown that discreetly displays her decolletage and features a beautifully draped bustle at the back.

I have some delicate vintage handkerchiefs that would make lovely undergarments and nightgowns. And I have some beautiful light silk for a gown.

I would like to make her a whole wardrobe - nightgowns, petticoats, day dresses, capes, hats, etc. But that may be too ambitious for me. We will see.

Victoria has glass eyes, and an elaborate mohair coif with braids and ringlets. Her body is made of Kid and is hand-stitched.

I fell in love with her the moment I saw her picture on eBay. I knew she had to come to Mindolton and live with me. I was so happy when I won her. I put in a high bid and won her for less than half of that. Yes. sometimes that does happen.

Mindolton is a magical village where houses of different scales and time periods live happily next to each other.

I have one house that can be done up suit her. I haven't done the decorating yet, but hope to get to it soon. It is the Apple blossom I bought from craigslist last year. It's the bottom two photos in this blog.

I think this house will make a beautiful Victorian home for Victoria. I wonder how will live there with her. We will have to see.




  1. I have a pattern book by EmanJay that has 19th Century costume designs and Patterns for men woman and children. It is very detailed but the patterns are easy. I even made a man's colonial coat! And my sewing skills are simple. Sometimes they are on ebay, CM

  2. What a great idea, CM. I will have a look. ;)

  3. Victoria is lovely, I look forward to see how you will dress her and of course, her new home.

  4. La verdad es que es una belleza, seguro que le Quedará genial vestida una vez, es muy bonita

  5. I wonder if that's a doll made by Cathy Hansen ? She's so pretty.