Thursday, March 11, 2010

I think we have a tie

The Flags and the Cacos are tied for the house.

A few votes trickled in for the other dolls but these two families were the clear favorites.

A few people wanted to get Mrs. Flagg married off and she acquired an ardent admirer, Melvin, from Texas who lives in Florine's blog.

Mrs Flagg is mighty flattered (Melvin's Texas talk is rubbing off), but is shy about the attention seeing as she has spent the last several years of her life in a dusty, smoke filled place and didn't get many compliments there. Patsy is just excited about Melvin's horse. She thinks that they could keep in in the bathroom when they are not out riding it. The bathtub could be the hay manger and the sink can be used as a watering trough - or vica versa. She hasn't shared this plan with her mother yet, thank heavens.

Mrs Flag also discovered lots of long lost relatives, like the sweet little maid on Pandora's blog.

And Melvin's two cousins over at Amy's. She is not too sure about those two. She would hate to see a deer harmed. She wouldn't even let Patsy read about them in case it upset her.

I liked Amy's idea in the comments about how all the dolls could be one big extended family and all live in the house together. There is only one bedroom though. Amy also was quite sensible when she said that Mr. Caco looked like he had a good job and could deal with the upkeep on the house. I don't know though. I am leaning towards Mrs. Flagg and Patsy myself, at least until I find another house for them.

It seems that the Cacos have family all over the place too. In Australia and California and Germany, to name at least three. In Fact on Püppilottchen's blog their almost identical cousins greet you right at the top of the page

I hope you are enjoying the comments below. I certainly am.


  1. I thought it was great fun and just look at all the Flagg relatives Mrs Flagg and Patsy have discovered and all thanks to a post on your blog. So there are two families in line for one house - wonder who the lucky new tenants will be?

  2. This is hysterical!

    I vote for Mrs. Flag and Patty.

    Are we still voting? ;)

  3. Clearly there is only one fair outcome, which I know we would ALL agree on. BUY MORE HOUSES! YAY! xoxo CM

  4. I AGREE WITH CM!! The ONLY solution! :)

  5. Come On Folks! Let's flood the phone lines like they do on American idol!Text 1 for the Flaggs! (It's like the Extreme Makeover Show where they help the family in need) Not the perfect Cacos. (Though I do want to point out I have an EMPTY puppenstube, nicely appointed... so either I give you my house, or you give me your dolls... ;) CM

  6. Yes, we are still voting Dale. We need to break the tie.

    Florine and Cindy - I like the way you think - more houses would be a good solution - burt soon I am going to have to put them in the bathroom - I'm running out of room.

    Cindy - Too bad there is no number to call because testing 1 or 2 is a great idea. The really enthusiastic could vote hundreds of times.



  7. I need to change my vote from the Caco's to the Flagg gals. They have that nice cowboy down in Texas that will help em out. Plus the Caco's look like they need a bigger house. Please calculate my vote as texting the number 1 for 47 times. What great fun!

  8. i still vote for caco-family :) i like the flaggs, too - but i think the german dolls go better with the swedish dollshouse... sorry, but i´m a typical european ;D