Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Which Family gets a New Home? Play Along at Home - Vote for your favorite!

So many people commented on my new (old) Blue-Floor Lundby house and wondered what family would live there. I wondered that too. So last night I dug around in the dollhouse room and found all the homeless people who were a good scale for the house.

Actually I have to admit that I took some of the people out of other houses - just to see how they would look in the Lundby.

Here they are. Tell me who should move in by choosing from number 1 - 10. I will count votes and let you know the lucky winners in a future blog.
1) First is Mrs. Flagg and her daughter, Patsy. I just got these girls on eBay (for only $9.99 + 4.99 shipping - a real deal, I thought). I love them. They have such character.

They are Flagg Flexible Play Dolls from the 1950s or 1960s. They were filthy and reeked of cigarette smoke when they arrived. I took off their clothes and soaked them in woolite. The result isn't bad, even if the clothes aren't perfect. They look so much better now, and the smell is dissipating. I hope to find Mr. Flagg and other members of the family, but for now mother and daughter would live here alone (except for pets).

2) Next is the Caco family. I love Caco dolls and have several of the 1" scale people, but this is my first 3/4" set. This is also an eBay find. It is hard to get these on eBay because so few vendors put in the size. I hope to find more of these too.

3) Then there is the Bendy family. They are not in the best of condition, and I had to put a new shirt on the father (from a scrap-booking baseball set). I think I got these ones at the antique market. I know these aren't from eBay. I am not crazy about the detail of this family. I'm not sure they are right for this house.

4) Next is the Mrs. Bendy's less attractive sister and her family, the Bend-Ables. They have pretty much the same story as the Bendy's, but are slightly different (except for the daughter who is even wearing the same dress as her cousin - again an antique market find, but a different visit.

5) I am including the soft plastic German family just to be fair. I am not very enthusiastic about these people (I have several more that I couldn't find last night), but I feel they should be included in the vote because they are the right age and size, and I had many of these when I was a kid, but these ones are from thrift shops.

6) Here is the hard plastic German family. It looks like they have their own footman. The dolls in the overalls could be children in a 1" scale house, but I was looking for a variety of contestants and they are cute, so here they are. I can't remember where I got these - possibly with a dollhouse or Barbie lot - the footman was from a thrift shop I think.

7) Charlie's Angels could move in. They look good, but I am not sure they are exactly right for this house. They are a decade or so newer. I am more inclined to move them into 862 Ocean View drive, where they have been partying recently. They look more at home there, but you be the judge.

8) The Sport Sisters look right at home in the kitchen. I love these girls too. I got them in a vintage Barbie lot (yes, I collect those too) a few months ago and was delighted with them. I just can't decide where they should live. I think they are from the late 1960s/early 1970s, but I haven't been able to identify them yet.

9) Of course there are always these out-of-focus Ukrainian dancers. They look so happy and are so beautifully costumed that I just had to have them - they are a thrift store find. I have tried them in several houses, but nothing seems to work.

10) Last, and possibly least, is this happy pirate. He is a charmer, and I know he is not old, but I think he is so cute - and another way to go. He could bring all his booty back to the Lundby house and maybe in a year or so appear on an episode of Hoarders - the Mini Version.

So there you are. Which family is worthy of this house? I can't wait to see what you think.




  1. Family #1 gets my vote. They are very cute!

  2. Mrs Flagg and her daughter Patsy gets my vote.

    Reason 1: they have obviously not had an easy life before you found them so they deserve a nice home.

    Reason 2. I have a Flagg doll and have been searching for the notes I made about Flagg dolls without success so it was a nice surprise to see these two little dolls on your blog and I would like to see more of them.

  3. Hmm, a difficult choice, I love the Bend-Ables, both because of their fantastic name and because their daughter looks just like a blond haired version of the girl doll I had in my Lundby house when I was little. I also love the idea of having the happy pirate living there, could be much fun with him in the house, but I think my favourite is the Caco family, which I think look the most as they belong in the house.

    I haven't commented on the house before, but I love it too, gorgeous wallpapers and great furniture! My favourites are the dining room furniture and the red armchair in the living room. And I love your lamps, I have never seen the one in the dining room with a blue glass pearl before!

  4. I also like family #1 because they are so sweet- but family #3 I love also because Mom's dress is just so fab!

  5. Thanks for letting me play along. I vote for #2 - the Caco family due to size and the dad looks like he makes good $$ and can keep up with all the maintenance. Or have the pirate be the auctioneer and auction the house off to the highest bidder. Second choice would be #6 the little german dolls. Although I like them all. What a nice collection of dolls you have. I also really like all the different photos and the scenes. Very creative and so entertaining.

  6. At first glance I am for the Flagg dolls, contestant #1.
    I went back and looked at the first Lundby house (I think that's the one you mean). They would go well in it. The Cacos need a Puppenstube... (first one's free, a higly addictive house) BUT I think you should take all the serarate people and make them extended family, like apirate uncle, and Ukranian cousins, etc. (The Brabies can always take vare of themselves...) Over population in dollhouse land is a nice problem to have.xoxo CM

  7. What a wonderful collection of dolls you have!
    I like the Caco family because you have a complete set. If you could find Mrs. Flagg a hubby then I would like her best. Love her chubby cheeks and their pretty blue eyes! The two little girls with the red shoes are just precious! Can't wait to see who you choose. Love that house!!

  8. Well, I would like to say the Caco family...however, Melvin Flagg (who lives on my blog) saw a picture of Mrs. Flagg and little Patsy, and he is just "chompin' at the bit" to come meet her. He told me I HAD to vote for #1! :)

  9. cool collection! i like the flagg dolls but i LOOOOVE caco dolls and i think the caco family has to move in! but, hum - you will need a nursery then...

    the sporty sisters are so great, too! but i think it´s no sporty house :)

    the caco family has the best scale ;D and yes, i vote for the cacos! (even for the simple reason that they could be relatives of my lundby family living in the lundby gothenburg from the 70s...)


  10. Where could I find a modern dollhouse like your ocean drive dollhouse? thanks

  11. I vote for the Caco family (I love Mr and Mrs Caco's outfits!), with my second choice going to Mrs Flagg and Patsy.
    If Mrs Flagg is a single mum, perhaps she needs a job? She could clean for the Cacos, and take Patsy along sometimes ;-)

  12. Anonymous really is Anonymous. There is no link to a profile for this blooger. Anonymous asks where a house like my A-Frame at 862 Ocean Drive can be found. I believe this is a hand made one-of-a-kind house built in the mid to late 60s or early 70s.
    I saw it first on Craigslist, but then saw it in a shop window. My sweetheart bought it for me from the shop and gave it to me for Christmas.

    I would suggest watching the Craigslist and Kijiji ads, as well as the classifieds and e-bay to find unusual houses. I have found three very unusual and treasured house on craigslist. See these past blogs.

    Copy and paste the URL into your browser: