Friday, August 7, 2009

Call Me Crazy - My kids do.

I have more doll houses than one person could possibly need, so why did I go out last night and buy three more. I am starting to believe my kids when they come over now and say, "Mom. how can you live here? You can barely move around the doll stuff. You need help"

Maybe the explanation will be more obvious when you see what I bought. I know I shouldn't check out Criagslist and Kijiji, but how can I resist? People want to get rid of the most wonderful things.
After work last night I picked up an Autoshare car and hit the road. At 5:45 p.m I picked up this lovely house for $25.00. It's exactly like the Lilliput Peaches 'n Cream - Dollhouse Kit 450. The lady said it had belonged to her daughters who were in their 20's. She put it on Craigslist because she didn't want to see it go in the trash. I'm glad she did.

It needs a little work, but it's a great house.

At about 7: p.m. and 20 Kilometeres north I was at the door of a kind lady who had this kit for sale for $20.00. She said it was given to her and she had never opened it.

It is the Greenleaf Tennyson Laser Cut Dollhouse Kit, but in a President's Choice box. One of our major grocery stores, Loblaws, offers President's Choice products. They made quite a hit back in the eighties by packaging quality food products under their President's Choice label and selling it in their stores and affiliates. They still do this today. Here in Canada, we know that President's Choice equals good stuff. I vaguely remember seeing Dollhouse kits for sale about 15 years back, but I never got one.

Here's a picture of the house from the Greenleaf site.

And now for the piece de resistance. Just as I was getting ready to leave my second stop I received an email message from the seller of the next house telling me I could pick up it up that evening. I called him for directions. I got back in the car and drove to a ritzy suburb north of the city. I arrived just before 8 p.m.

Look what I got ...

OMG! I always wanted an Apple Blossom. I had drooled over it in the Dollhouse shop where they had a finished one on display. This one needs a tiny bit of restoration on the outside, but it basically looks brand new. The inside is untouched and ready for wiring and decorating. I would love to get the extension to add to it at some point.

This one cost a bit more, but I figured a beautiful finished dollhouse was worth the $100 I paid for it. After all the kit alone costs over $200. and this one has the milled siding on it. The seller said that it had been his daughter's and that they had purchased it finished for over $400 when she was small. He said that she had never played with it. She is now in her mid-20s and they had decided to sell it because they were moving. It does look brand new, except for some broken shingles. I am delighted to have it.

So, there you have it. That's what I did last night. I may be crazy, but I sure am having fun!



  1. Holy cow! What treasures all! Wonderful finds, congratulations! I'm astonished about the President's Choice house - I had no idea they ever offered such a thing!

    Susan, I've given you an award challenge - The Honest Scrap Award; this one can be a little difficult so please only play along if you'd like to?

  2. LOL you are a crazy lady but boy, at those prices I'd have a houseful too.

    Our CL never has anything are really lucky.

    I have to say that none of the tab and slot dollhouse do anything for me...but then I saw the Tennyson. I am seriously considering buying that idea what I'll do with it mind :-)

  3. The Tennyson is a very nice house for a slot and tab, especially if you add some custom touches. I know because I already have a completed Tennyson. It was one of the first dollhouses I bought on Craigslist. It came with several sheets of (unused) wallpaper and a couple of sheets of hardwood floor, as well as a beautiful Bodo Hennig toilet, sink and tub, a Bodo Hennig black stove, a beautiful Victorian settee and matching chair, and a lovely lace covered bassinet complete with a dressed porcelain baby, and a few other odds and ends including some nice accessories..
    The contents and wallpapers were worth about three times what I paid for the whole lot including house so I figure it doesn't owe me anything. I spent the winter wallpapering with my own designs. It's almost finished and I can't decide whether to try to sell it, or give it to my little niece. I will take some pictures and put them up on the blog.
    I couldn't resist buying the kit for $20.00 though. It was too good to pass up.