Saturday, March 13, 2010

A home for Mrs. Flagg and Patsy

Thanks for all your votes and wonderful comments on a family for the Lundby house. Mrs. Flagg and Patsy had just pulled ahead of the Caco's in the votes when a new development changed the outcome.

I know Florine and CM were teasing me when they said the only solution was to buy another house, but look what showed up on Craigslist.

I think Mrs. Flagg and Patsy might be quite comfortable here until Mr. Flagg shows up from wherever he is right now. (Sorry Melvin, but she thinks Mr. Flagg is still out there somewhere and she is prepared to wait for him, as flattered as she is by your notice.)

This house is so incredible I just couldn't resist. I have been through all my books and searched the web and I can't find anything like it. Some of you may know more than I do, but I think it is a one of a kind and hand built.

Each timber and decoration on the outside is put on separately. The outside was once landscaped judging from the glue marks on the 'grass' around the house

The family I got it from said they bought it for their daughter about 10 years ago from an old woman who had it as a child. They said the house was 50 or 60 years old when they got it - so I am guessing the house is from the 1940's.

The house is in excellent shape on the outside. I can't see any missing timbers. The inside is also in great shape although some of the wallpapers are torn here and there.

The floors are wood patterned shelf paper. I don't know if they are original or were added by the family who had it before I did. They aren't faded at all.

The scale is a little confusing. Downstairs could be 1" scale, but upstairs is very low ceilinged and just fits the 3/4" dolls.

In the pictures below I have asked Mrs. 3/4" scale Caco and Miss 1" scale Caco (who came with the house) to demonstrate the scale of the house.

As you can see Miss 1" Caco looks right at home at the bottom of the stairs, but Mrs. 3/4" Caco's head is almost touching the ceiling upstairs.

You can see them together in the front hall, outside the front door and each one standing at a different door outside. The kitchen door is quite a bit smaller than the front door.

Now that I see these pictures here I am thinking that the house is actually supposed to be 3/4" or 1:16 scale with really high ceilings on the main floor, so it is perfect for the Flaggs and has an extra bedroom for Patsy.

More pictures of the inside are below. I am going to look through my furniture and see what looks good in the house. I will show you in a future blog.




  1. Boy oh boy oh goodie for Mrs. Flagg and Patsy. They should be so happy. What a find! Guess it was meant to be. That Melvin Flagg down in Texas is a yutz. Mr. Right will come along. I have looked close up and the outside of this house is incredible with details. I am not an expert by any means but this kinda looks home made. Love the high ceilings on the first floor too. Are you going to call it the Flagg House? Looking forward to seeing what you might find. Also looking forward to the Caco's moving into that great Lundby but take your time. SCORE for YOU!

  2. Thanks Amy. I can't believe the luck I have had with finding special dollhouses on Craigslist. I had just told myself that I had enough dollhouses when this one showed up. And it is really special. I can't believe the amount of work that went into it.

    I have ll day tomorrow to play in my dollhouse room so I hope to get some more pictures taken and do another blog or two.


  3. What a unique find! And on Craigslist again! I bought my Kaleidoscope House on Craigslist, after stalking it on eBay for years, so there is luck to be found there! I don't know anything on the house, but as soon as I saw it, it reminded me of a building near Princeton University in New Jersey; it now houses Hamilton Jewelers, but I think it used to be connected to the University. The style looks so similar, but does not really offer clues to your gem. I found a picture via Google - see: Have fun with it!

  4. Lucky you and Mrs Flagg and Patsy! Such a great find! I agree that it's probably meant for 3/4" dolls, and the downstairs public areas have very high ceilings.
    That kind of very decorative half-timbering was popular in England in the Tudor Revival style in the late 19th century, and first decades of the 20th. It's also a traditional style in Germany (where a half-timbered house is called a Fachwerkhaus) and other parts of Europe. So who knows what the inspiration was for the original builder? But you've got a unique and very well built house, and the Flaggs are going to be so happy! Can't wait to see them in it :-)

  5. Fantastic dollhouse, mrs flagg and patsy must be very happy!

  6. La Casa es una belleza y que durante mucho tiempo a usted le es precioso, nunca había visto así. Felicidades

  7. Hi Susan, Also posted this on my blog but wanted to be sure you saw it. This is regarding the Craig's List ad you spotted for me. My reply: To: Susan - Can you believe I have to leave at 6:45 am that Saturday to get out to the country to check out that house. I did already see that and have it on my calendar. Newark, IL (very small town) was settled by Norwegians and I have some cousins down there also. I appreciate you finding that for me too. I will always like you to mention those. Thank you so very much.

  8. That is such a cool looking house!