Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Antique Dollhouse dolls on a board and a broken wrist

 You may have noticed, dear readers, that I haven't posted much lately.

I have lots to share with you - my own FAO Schwarz mystery house, miniature chair kits from Swedish museums, antique dollhouse furniture, and much more. But, at present I am incapacitated.

I took a header off my bicycle on the way to work a couple of weeks ago and broke my wrist.

Two days ago I had surgery on my wrist. This impedes my ability to take pictures and post blog entries.

But, as I wanted to share these dolls with you,  I took pictures with my iPhone - one-handed - and I am typing slowly with my left hand. Please excuse typos, etc.

This wonderful seven doll family is tied to a wooden board. Here are the grandparents.

All the dolls have cloth bodies and painted black boots. They are all ready to be dressed by the little mistress of their miniature abode.

Grandpa is the tallest of the family at 5.5 inches.
The next two dolls must be father and mother. I like father's jaunty moustache and mother's shiny black hair.
Next are the 3 children. I would guess that the son is the oldest due to his handsome side whiskers.

Although, we could also assume the older couple are the parents and the others are assorted children and servants - or vice versa.

Does anyone know whether these are dolls by Kestner, or what years they would have been sold?

Any comments about these dolls is welcomed. I would love to identify them.

From the top you can see the wooden board that the family is attached to by string. The board is rather crude for such an elegant family.

Here is the back of the board showing the string the dolls are tied on with, and several holes in the board.

I don't know whether the holes were used to fasten the board into a presentation box, or to hang it on a display wall. Let me know if you know anything about them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this family as much as I enjoyed sharing them.

Slightly broken Susan