Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Mysterious Delivery from California

Mrs. Flagg and Patsy are enjoying breakfast in their cozy kitchen. Bucky is close by, hoping Patsy will spill her cereal or drop her toast. Mrs. Flagg is about to pour herself some cereal when the door bell rings.

"Now who can that be?" asks Mrs. Flagg. "We aren't expecting anyone are we?" she asks Patsy. Patsy shrugs, but can't answer because her mouth is full.

At the front door they find a delivery man on a bicycle. He has a large basket balanced precariously on his handle bars.

"Oh my goodness!" says Mrs. Flagg. "Is that for us?"

"Yes ma'am," says the delivery man, "All the way from California."

"From California!! We don't know anyone in California," says Mrs. Flagg, "Who can it be from? Is there a card?"

"Well ma'am, there was a card, but it blew off the basket as I was riding over here, and it flew away. I didn't see where it landed." He just didn't want to get off his bike and chase it.

"You have a lovely uniform, by the way." says Mrs. Flagg.

"Thank you ma'am. They make us wear it. They think it makes the deliveries look more classy, but it's hard to ride a bicycle in these pants, and the buttons on the vest get caught on the packages. It does scare away dogs though, so it is safer to do my deliveries."

"Yes, I wondered where Bucky went. he usually comes to the door with us," says Mrs. Flagg.

She looks at the basket again. "Oh my. This is very exciting and very mysterious." says Mrs. Flagg. "Patsy, what do you think? A basket from California!"

Patsy isn't listening. She is fascinated by the delivery man's bicycle. She would like to try to ride it, but she isn't sure how to get on.

Besides the delivery man is ready to leave so she has missed her chance.

"You ride safely now. And thank you for bringing the basket!" calls Mrs. Flagg as her rides away.

"Thanks! Ride!" calls Patsy, wishing she had a bike.

In the living room Mrs. Flagg unpacks the basket. It contains California wine, oranges and sourdough bread.

"What a thoughtful gift," says Mrs. Flagg. "I can't imagine who sent it. What a mystery, If only he hadn't lost the card."

"Mom, can I have an orange?" asks Patsy.

"Not right now," her mother says, "You just had breakfast. Speaking of breakfast I had better clear the table. You and Bucky leave that basket alone. You can have an orange for lunch."

Yes, Mom." says Patsy says as her mother leaves the room. But she isn't really listening. She and Bucky are busy.

A few minutes later Mrs. Flagg is on her way upstairs. "Patsy," she calls, "I am going upstairs to make the beds. Remember what I said and stay out of that gift basket.

Patsy doesn't answer. She and Bucky are way too busy to listen.

I wonder if this mysterious basket has anything to do with Collette;s discovery over at My Realitty. Check this out!


  1. Really great post. Lady has $85.00 on the Rich Toys House. I think it's worth that price but I expect it's too much. Gotta check out what's going on here.

  2. I looooove these stories connecting to another story :) I´m wondering how this story will go on...

    Happy Easter!! Nicola

  3. The Flagg family look very happy in their new home. I love the idea of running your stories together. I wonder if the parcel was sent by you know who!

    Happy Easter x

  4. Hi Susan, I read and loved this post a while ago, sorry I haven't found time to comment until now! There is so much going on here - a delivery boy who's not fond of his job, a mysterious package which we may just know a bit more about than Mrs Flagg, and Patsy and Bucky being naughty - oh dear! I just hope all they get into is the oranges ;-)

  5. Thanks Rebecca! I quite like this little story too. Once I am home from my road trip we will see what the next chapter holds.