Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miniature Museum pieces from Sweden - Dollhouse chairs and more

This photo is from the Kotte Toys website

While visiting museums in
Scandinavia last summer I discovered the most charming miniature chair kits.

These kits are made by a company in Sweden - Kotte Toys - and are replicas in 1/12th scale of pieces that are in the museum where I bought them.

If you visit this page on their website the list of chair kits is down the left hand side. In most cases the links under the pictures go to illustrations of the built kit and sometimes a picture of the actual museum chair.

For example here are pictures of the chairs built from the first kits pictured here (note: the pics are from the website. I haven't built mine yet - my arm is still in a cast) ...

Although I purchased only the kits for antique items the website shows a lot of kits for "Danish Modern" type furniture as well.

I was so excited to have found these wonderful souvenirs of my trip to Norway, Denmark and Sweden. I was doubly excited when I realized I was buying actual reproductions of the museum pieces I was looking at.

I am looking forward to building my wonderful kits and painting them to match the originals. I would love to collect ALL the kits and the website has an order page, but wouldn't it be much more fun to go back to Scandinavia and buy them in person?

If I ever get my arm out of this cast and I get these kits built I will share the results in a future blog, but that won't be for a while.