Thursday, March 4, 2010

Three times as much Sunshine - I am so blessed

Florine from My Vintage Dollhouses and other treasures just let me know that she sent me the Sunshine award too. I somehow missed it while I was away. Thanks Florine. I love your blog!!

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends here in this blog community. I missed reading your blogs while I was away and am eager to catch up. I also need to do some blogs of my own. I hope to get a couple posted this weekend.

The picture is of a cenote where we swam in Mexico. These are underground rivers connected by a series of caves and were considered scared by the Mayans. The story is that swimming in a cenote makes you look five years younger. I can't see any difference when I look in the mirror, but I need new glasses.

More miniatures coming soon.

Love and hugs


  1. What more beautiful place. Kisses

  2. Wow is this waht Ponce de Leon was looking for? Maybe it takes a few weeks to take effect? CM

  3. Let's hope so. Right now I have a terrible cold and just want to sleep all the time. Maybe when I wake up I will look younger.

    Poor Ponce was looking in Florida and this is in Mexico. I guess he needed a better map. ; )