Saturday, June 20, 2015

Holiday souvenirs in a Kitchen roombox

This afternoon I built myself a room box out of foam-core board. I papered it in traditional blue and white floor and wall paper. Then I furnished it with things I have collected on my travels over the years.

There are 3 Italian bowls in the cupboard. I collected them along the Amafli coast last spring.

I found these wonderful antique canisters in Germany last month. 

These, excluding the windmill pitcher, are magnet souvenirs I found in Rome last year. I picked up the pitcher and many of the other blue and white pieces at different flea markets in Canada and the USA,

I got the hat, hanging pan and hanging cup in Germany last month. I found this cute chair and its mate in Sweden two years ago.

The scale and rolling pin holder are also from my trip to Germany last month. The little chest of drawers was found at a garage sale in Maryland.

I found the wooden utensil holder in an antique store in Berlin last month. The nice lady who owned it gave me a dog and a cat for my other dollhouse. They aren't here because they are the wrong scale for this room, but I remember her fondly. The hanging cheese is another magnet found in Rome last year 

The little delft shoes are from trip to the Netherlands in 2005, but the carpet beater and the three molds are also from Germany last month.

I found the little stove at a flea market in Pennsylvania. The teapot is special Polish pottery. I bought it in Krakow last month

Another view of the stove with flea market accessories

The table, chairs, server and cupboard were given to me by my dear friend CM when I visited her in California a few years ago. The four plates on the middle shelf of the cupboard are reproductions of the traditional blue onion pattern that is so common in antique German dollhouses. I bought them in Seiffen, Germany last month.

On the table is a tray with an Erzgebirge tea set and eggs in egg cups. I got those in Seiffen, Germany, the town where these wonderful toys are made.

I bought the chickens at the Marolin Company in Germany last month. They are made of paper mache and are exactly like the ones I have in my little Putz farm except the ones in my farm are about 100 years old,

Every time I look at this room box I will also see all the wonderful places I have visited and all the great friends I have made over the years. What a great room!!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The dollhouse as furniture... Wow!

I have finally found the perfect coffee table. See more here.

All I can say is. Where do I get this?

Friday, June 5, 2015

A visit to the Coburg Doll Museum in Germany

I spent most of this past May touring Central Europe with a bus load of doll collectors. We visited many doll and toy museums. The Puppenmuseum Coburg was one of the best.

Coburg is located in the heart of the doll factory area of Germany. It had a wonderful variety of dolls and miniatures for us to see
I love this room box. It is full of treasures including lots of boule furniture.

Coburg is a lovely town with a wonderful town square.

Queen Victoria's husband Albert was born here. This is the palace square.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

A beautiful Gautier fashion doll