Sunday, May 22, 2016

Paris Flea Markets - Doll sightings

Three weeks ago I visited both of the large Paris Flea Markets in search of dolls and dollhouses. As you will see at the end of this post I didn't buy very much, but what I did buy was wonderful!

First I went south to the Marché aux puces - Porte de Vanves. It is an outdoor flea market that takes place on Saturdays and Sundays. It is a true flea market in my opinion. People bring used and vintage junk to sell. Although, as you will see from the pictures below, there are some treasures

The first dollhouse I came across was this American one. It is either a Rich Toys or a Keystone (Florine would know) and it was in perfect condition. I didn't buy it. I couldn't figure out how to get it in my suitcase.

There were lots of antiques dolls in various conditions, from very bad to very good. I didn't buy one, but I enjoyed seeing them.

These ones are vinyl. Cute little chairs in the background though

I didn't see much dollhouse furniture, but I did find some larger pieces here and there.

There was a cute little farm with lots of animals

This poor dolly has seen better days

There were lots of these souvenir dolls for sale. I didn't need any so I didn't ask the price.

I did ask the price on this one. She wanted €2500. It didn't come home with me.

The same dealer wanted €1000 for this one. She stayed in Paris too.

I browsed a bit at this table, but didn't buy. His prices were almost as bad as the previous lady's

This cute little mid-century school was only €80. It's still in Paris.

Poor dolly has lost her head. But she still has her banjo!!

I saw several of these Provence-type dolls. As I have picked up a few in thrift shops at home I didn't feel the need to buy any.

There were games and other toys too.

This dolly needs a good home. But not with me.
Around noon I hopped on the Metro and made my way to the huge flea market in the north end of Paris - the Marche aux Puces, Saint Ouen
On the Metro I saw a lady with these crazy fingernails. She graciously allowed me to take a picture of them. What else could she do? We were between stops and she couldn't escape.

There were lovely things at the big flea market, but again I found very little that I wanted to take home with me.

The last time I was in Paris in I bought some wonderful antique dollhouse furniture from this dealer. This time I only took pictures.

So, what did I find worthy of taking home with me? Here is the total of my purchases from both flea markets. I added the ruler to the picture so you could see how tiny it all is. There was no problem fitting them all into my suitcase, and each piece is perfect for an antique dollhouse. What a score!!

The little Limoge basket and tray have the same pattern on them. I got them from two different dealers so that was a fun coincidence. The tiny dolls in regional costume are just the right size for the little donkey. I am not sure where they will go in my collection, but I couldn't resist them. The miniature painting is real and old. I hope I have a suitable frame. The tiny porcelain statues are  are traditional vintage French feves (beans). They would bake them into the new years cake as favours. They are so perfect for a dollhouse mantle. 
I hope you enjoyed a quick run through the flea markets. Maybe next time you can come with me.