Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mrs. Flagg and Patsy move in

It has been a busy day for Mrs. Flagg and Patsy. All the neighbours from the 3/4" side of town pitched in and donated furniture for their new house. They even gave Patsy a dollhouse, toys and a little kitten.

Finally the dust has settled and everyone has left. Mrs. Flag and Patsy are on the front steps waving good bye.

"Say thank you to our lovely neighbours, Pasty" Mrs Flag instructs her as she runs down the steps.

"Goodbye! Thank you. thank you so much!" calls Patsy waving both hands.

"Patsy come back here!" shouts her mother. "I want to show you the house."

"Look at our lovely living room." says Mrs. Flagg. "We even have a piano so you can take piano lessons!"

"Aw, Mom. Piano lessons are boring. whines Patsy.

"You may think that now," says Mrs. Flagg. "But you will be grateful that you know how to play when you are older."

"Sure," says Patsy, but she is not really paying attention. She is distracted by the elephants on the mantle piece and the painting of the ship that hangs over it. She has never seen such things.

Her attention is caught by a noise in the hall. It's her new dog, Bucky.

"Mom! Bucky wants to see my room! Come on!"

"Okay dear, but come and see my room first. It's lovely." Mrs Flagg follows Patsy up the stairs.

But Patsy isn't doesn't come into Mrs Flagg's room

And she isn't in the hall where her new sewing machine is.

Mrs. Flagg finds Patsy in her new room with toys all over the floor.
"Mom!" yells Patsy. "Look! A dollhouse, a doll carriage, toys and dolls! And it's not even Christmas!!"

"My Bed has a pink coverlet! There's even a kitten! Mom, am I dreaming?"

"We are very lucky, aren't we my dear, to have such wonderful neighbours?" says Mrs. Flagg.

Mrs. Flagg is still smiling as she looks at her new kitchen.

After years of neglect, dust and second hand smoke she and Patsy are in a happy place filled with love.

She knows that soon Mr. Flagg will find them and maybe then there will be more little Flaggs to join them in this lovely house.

Mrs. Flagg is so happy that they found their way to this wonderful place.


  1. Have any tips on a finding a dollhouse like any of yours , espacily your Ocean Drive.thanks

  2. Have Any floor plans of your ocean drive?And will you sell it if so , I will pay $235.Thanks

  3. Well, Anonymous, the only tips I can offer on finding a dollhouse like 862 Oceanview Drive is to watch the ads on Craigslist, Kijiji and other places that advertise dollhouses for sale - like auctions. There are plenty of dollhouse auctions online - just do a google search.

    The house is not for sale right now, but if I ever do decide to part with it I will let you know. Shipping would be very costly - are you in my local area?

    The best floor plan I could show you is the picture from above in this blog post

  4. Really lovely! It's looking so comfortable and homely already - they have wonderful neighbours! With all those toys AND a new dog, I wonder how Mrs Flagg will ever get Patsy to practise the piano? And I hope that they left a message for Mr Flagg in their old abode, so he knows where to find them :-)

  5. Susan, this is a fantastic dollhouse...and the style almost seems to have been designed for the little Flagg dolls. Or maybe it's the way you have decorated it!
    You must have a "kind to dollhouses" heart as you keep finding so many unique ones...just like they were meant to live with you!
    Looking forward to many more stories of Mrs. Flagg and little Patsy!

  6. Lucky Mrs Flagg and Patsy! It looks awesome!!

  7. Wow - this house is absolutely amazing!! What a great find. I think it´s one of a kind. Maybe a loving grandpa made it? And i´m so happy for Patsy & Mrs Flagg they found such a great place to live. And how dolly-live goes i guess they will find a wonderful Mr. Flagg very soon ;D Like my Lundby Christine just found her man...


  8. Hi Susan, Love, Love, love the photos of the new residents. Wonderful story. They look right at home. - I also got your message about large lot of Lundby for sale. I sure wish a Museum would buy it all to help the gal out.

  9. It is so wonderful how generous your dolls are! I especially love the ribbon carpeted stairs and the painted dollhouse in Patsy's room! CM

  10. Thanks everyone! I agree that this is a house that has been lovingly made. And that it is amazing.

    About the wonderful neighbours - I have decided that everyone in my dollhouse world should be happy, healthy and helpful. It makes me feel happy to see them doing kind things and having loving hearts in my little world. Maybe I will introduce a villain or two someday, but for now it is an idyllic place to live.

    I think the Reliable and Renwal furniture looks great in the house, and I agree with Florine that it seems to have been designed for the Flaggs.

    CM, I love the ribbon runner too. It is such a charming touch. Patsy's dollhouse is plastic. It's actually a viewfinder from a tourist shop. It has pictures of Austrian scenes inside and you press the chimney to change the picture.


  11. It is fantastic, a brilliant work

  12. I like the way you present the dollhouse through a story. Great house! Lovely story!

  13. The house is perfect for the Flagg dolls.