Thursday, July 30, 2015

My New (old) Gottschalk Doll's House

This lovely house is all original. I believe it is from 1913. It was built in Germany. It is the smaller 3/4" scale.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Dollhouses in the News - 15 recent stories. Each one has a different take on our favourite things.

  1. Story image for dollhouses from New York Times

    Dollhouse Appraised at $8.5 Million Is to Tour - The New York Times

    New York Times-Jul 16, 2015
    The Freemans, who have an autistic grandson, are planning to display the dollhouse in New York this year, with ticket sales benefiting Autism ...
  1. Story image for dollhouses from The Globe and Mail

    Plenty of 'wow' moments in Lepage's confessional new play - The ...

    The Globe and Mail-Jul 15, 2015
    Cue the first wow moment, when a black box at centrestage opens up to reveal a huge dollhouse replica of the apartment building, each ...
    1. Story image for dollhouses from Co.Design

      These Shelves Double As Mid&Century Modernist Dollhouses For ...

      Co.Design-Apr 16, 2015
      Playing with a dollhouse as an adult might result in a Peter Pan Syndrome diagnosis—unless your dollhouse doubles as a functional shelf for ...
    Story image for dollhouses from Fortune

    FAO Schwarz closes: Read Fortune's 1940 story about its rise

    Fortune-Jul 15, 2015
    The store's own manufactures account for about 5 per cent of the volume. These items are chiefly playhouses, dollhouses, and toy garages.

  1. Story image for dollhouses from Albany Times Union

    Beatrice resident uses trash to make miniature dollhouse

    Albany Times Union-Jun 21, 2015
    The containers sparked the imagination of PEO Home resident Mary Newcomer, 93, to create a miniature dollhouse made completely out of ...
  1. Story image for dollhouses from

    Woman finds a home for her creativity with impressive dollhouses 4, 2015
    Barbara Stuermer of Jackson shows off one of her many dollhousesthat she built by hand on Wednesday, June 3, 2015. The 76-year-old is ...
  1. Story image for dollhouses from TravelPulse

    4 Spectacularly Detailed Dollhouses

    TravelPulse-Apr 26, 2015
    Have you ever wanted to roam the halls of the White House or be a fly on the wall in a royal palace? Well the following four dollhousestake ...
  2. Story image for dollhouses from The Guardian

    Doll's houses: little windows on the past

    The Guardian-Dec 5, 2014
    At an exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood, a collection ofdoll's houses offers an insight into the families who created and played with ...
    1. Story image for dollhouses from RocketNews24

      The detail on these Japanese dollhouses is amazing!

      RocketNews24-Jan 26, 2015
      While dollhouses have been popular in Europe for centuries, they didn't really develop a strong showing in Japan until the 1970s. However ...
      1. Story image for dollhouses from Providence Media

        Popular Doll Houses From 1920s Born From East Side's Handicraft ...

        Providence Media-Apr 23, 2015
        The Handicraft Club was founded in 1904 by Julia Lippitt Mauran, Mary Parsons and eight other women who shared a vision of “Craft and ...
        1. Story image for dollhouses from Lincoln Journal Star

          Cindy Lange-Kubick: Building joy, 55 square feet at a time

          Lincoln Journal Star-Jul 9, 2015
          He plans the dollhouses with the same kind of care as a real house. Rafters and floor joists and little headers around the windows and doors.
        2. Story image for dollhouses from CNBC

          $40000 dollhouse fit for a princess

          CNBC-Dec 5, 2014
          Every Christmas seems to bring news of hyperpriced dollhouses, but this one caught our attention for its incredible detail. (See the pictures ...
            1. Story image for dollhouses from The Age

              dollhouse to inspire young women into science, engineering and ...

              The Age-Mar 3, 2015
              The 26-year-old Brooks is in Melbourne at the Australian Toy Hobby & Licensing Fair promoting a dollhouse called Roominate that she ...
              1. Story image for dollhouses from New York Times

                Tiny Furniture: A Diaspora of Dollhouses

                New York Times-Aug 7, 2014
                Major collections of dollhouses and dollhouse furniture are appearing on the market, providing ample evidence of the evolution of the industry.
              1. Story image for dollhouses from The Portland Mercury (blog)

                If Dollhouses Were Honest: Tiny Domestic Spaces at Open Gallery

                The Portland Mercury (blog)-Nov 12, 2014
                It's what dollhouses would look like if they were honest. Meanwhile, Nick Makana's "Helena Markos" and "Helena Markos" (get it?) are what ...

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Contents of a 1930s dollhouse

The living room Furniture is Tynietoy with the addition of a red stain side table between the Hepplewhite chairs

The art in the room is stamped Tynietoy.

Recently I was lucky enough to buy the contents of a 1930s dollhouse.

The furniture includes pieces made by Tynietoy,  Schoenhut, Goldilocks, German red stain, and others.

Most of the dining room furniture is also Tynietoy. The small side table is  red stain. The large side table is metal and I can't identify it. Does anyone know what company made it?

On the sideboard are the elusive Tynietoy knife safes. I was so excited to see these i the lot.

The rug is Tynietoy, as are the silhouettes on the wall

The blue bedroom has an interesting bird cage. The wing chair and lounge are Cinderella furniture by the Wisconsin Toy Company,

The blue furniture is Tynietoy.
The nursery has a wonderful Wisconsin Toy nursery set plus a Tynietoy screen and high chair. There are two lead dogs and a wonderful rush cradle with a tiny doll as well as a lovely little doll carriage. The arm Chair is also a Goldilocks piece.

This bedroom set is  red stain furniture made in Germany. The vanity and arm chair are Goldilocks. 

The third bedroom has beds and chairs by Schoenhut. I have not seen the Vanity or wardrobe before. Does anyone recognize them. The paint colour of the whole set matches the beds. Could they possibly be Schoenhut too?

All of these accessories came with the lot. What a wealth of minis.