Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Daphne's Spring Road Trip

As far as I know dolls don't get to go on many road trips, unless children are involved. But there are no children here and Daphne, a vintage Caco lady with somewhat unraveled legs, went on a long journey.

She did things that dolls don't often get to do, like visit Japanese temples, climb trees, tour a mansion, and view lovely vistas of the countryside.

The view from the rest stop was breathtaking, but there were many miles to go. Daphne and her companion were driving south to spring blossoms.

In the urban wilderness of the Nation's Capital, Daphne and her companion went for a walk. They were looking for blossoms.

Daphne climbed a tree a saw a beautiful mansion surrounded by lovely spring blossoms.

As she walked to it she delighted by the lovely grounds, especially the waterfall.

She was particularly taken with the beautiful and exotic orchids.

And she loved the Japanese temple. But all the walking and climbing made her tired, so she lay down for a little rest in a garden.

More of Daphne's adventure to come...


p.s. the rest stop is in Pennsylvania. The mansion, blossom, and other items in the beautiful gardens are in Washington DC at Hillwood Museum and Gardens, the twenty-five acre estate that once belonged to Marjorie Merriweather Post, heir to the Post cereal fortune.


  1. What a great experience for Daphne! Funny pics!

  2. I should have said all 4 posts were lovely! Wonderful wonderful pics!

  3. What a great thing to do in spring, and Daphne looks so spring-like in her flowery dress. I especially love the pictures of her climbing the pine tree, sitting on the steps of the temple, and lying among the flowers :-)

  4. Yes, she got very tired from the walk, even though she was carried the whole time. lol