Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bob starts to remember

Bob Flagg loves his family.

His wife, Betty, and his daughter, Patsy, are his whole world. So how did Bob disappear one day without so much as a see you later?

And how did he turn up months later in California on My Realitty's blog?

He was happily reunited with Betty and Patsy as soon as he got to their new house in Toronto.

Bob and Betty's family arrived shortly after to welcome him home.

And then a stranger showed up, a bride, claiming that Bob had left her at the alter. Betty was devastated.

Bob insisted he didn't know the bride. He said he hadn't left his family. He had disappeared because he had amnesia.

The bride's father showed up and cleared Bob's name, but the mystery remains - how did Bob get amnesia? and where was he all the time he was missing?

Something about the bride has triggered a memory.

Bob remembers being on a boat.
A shrimp boat. How did he get on a shrimp boat all alone? Bob doesn't know. He just remembers the boat and how it washed ashore onto a big pile of kelp.

There was nothing for Bob to do but get out and walk. He needed to find civilization.

Bob walked ...

and walked ...

Hmmm .. nice lone cypress ...

and walked. ....

Finally Bob came to a Cantina. He was tired and hungry and thirsty.

In exchange for washing dishes they gave Bob  a meal and a bed.
Bob was tired as he made his way to bed that night.

But he couldn't sleep. He kept trying to figure out how he got on the shrimp boat and where he belonged in the world.

He couldn't remember anything.

The last three pictures are presented courtesy of the collection of My Realitty in California. Thanks CM!


  1. bob is taking his time recovering.. he should get a wriggle on or betty might move on !! :)

  2. Ha ha! Hey I think I've been to that Cantina! But I can't quite remember what happened...

    Cute boat in Monterey! Carmel? :) C