Monday, September 6, 2010

The Schoenhut family at home

Welcome to the Schoenhut family home.

From out here it looks like the family could use some repairs around the front door.  The frames of the window panes are missing from one of the sidelights and there is a chip out of the bottom of the door frame on the other side. Maybe Father is not very handy with these things. They should hire a handyman.

Let's go inside and see what the family is doing.

It looks like Mother has just arrived home to find two of her little ones unsupervised and playing with the expensive new radio.  They know they aren't suppose to touch it.

Mother is disappointed. Where are the other grownups?

"Where's Nanny?" she asks them. "Where's your father."
"on't know Mamma." says little Cecil. "Gone."

"Radio." says little Myrtle.

In the kitchen Cook is asking Mabel how school went.

One would think that Cook would be more interested in getting dinner ready. The kitchen looks pretty bare. Maybe the food is in the icebox.

Upstairs Father is in the bathtub. He really enjoys having indoor plumbing and he bathes as often as he can.

In fact he is a lot like the father in the big yellow house. He has to stay upstairs because he has no clothes. Apparently he doesn't even have a towel. No wonder the front door is in ill repair. If Father tried to fix it he would be arrested.

At least Father has a Health-o-Meter in the bathroom with him. He will know in advance if he is tending towards ill health.

In the bedroom Nanny is supervising young Ella as she learns to make her own bed.

Nanny feels proper bed making is very important and is so absorbed in the lesson that she has lost track of the other children.

Mother sighs wearily and pulls her shawl more tightly around her shoulders.

She must give tonight's menu to Cook and make sure she gets dinner going.

She must get Nanny to take the children in hand and get them ready for bed.

She must find out where Father has put his clothes and get him out of the bathtub. He is always in the bathtub.

And then she must make sure everyone goes to bed so they can do it all over again tomorrow.

Good night for now.




  1. What a great story! I love this house, and what a family! Perhaps they are having financial difficulties? Has father pawned his clothes? Or rather, did mother take them to the pawnshop? And the towels and rugs? Is this why they have no food? I hope they get themselves sorted out soon - mother does look rather worried!

  2. Thanks Rebecca. I love this house and the lovely little dolls too, especially Mother. I just don't know why she looks so sad.

    I have some tobacco felt rugs that will suit this house perfectly. I will have to find them, and some towels before the next visit here. I will also make Father a new suit so he can get out of the tub and contribute to the family.

    I cleaned most of the outside of the house so I could blog about it. But I didn't get it completely finished.

    I also need to clean the inside walls and make a couple of repairs to the house before the next visit, and hang some period art. Maybe that will cheer Mother up.

    Let's hope her life is going better next time we see her.



  3. What a wonderful house! I love the dolls too and the health-o-meter is very cute.

  4. I love this family and house. Poor mother, so much to worry about.