Friday, May 21, 2010

Bells are Ringing at the Flaggs

The doorbell keeps ringing at the Flagg house. First Bob's mother arrives. Bob kisses her hello while Betty pays the airport limousine.

"Bob," says Mrs Flagg Sr. " We were so worried when you were gone. Felicia said you had amnesia. How could that happen?"

"Hi Granny," says Patsy. "This is my dog Bucky. Isn't he great?"

"I don't know how I got amnesia, Mother. I can't remember anything about it." says Bob

Ding Dong. The doorbell rings again.

It is Betty's parents, Dorothy and Dabney Drapeau.

"Mom, Dad, how lovely to see you both." says Betty as she welcomes them to her home. "We didn't know you were coming. You should have called."

"Grandma! Grandpa!" yells Patsy, jumping onto the couch to hug her Grandfather. "This is Bucky. he's my dog."

"My dear," says Mrs. Drapeau to Betty in a low voice. "Is everything okay? Did you figure out where Bob went?"

Before Betty can answer the doorbell rings again.

It is Bob's sister Felicia with her husband Philip Falon and their twins Freddie and Fern.

Patsy is excited to see her cousins. Betty and Bob invite everyone to sit down in the living room.

As everyone settles in for a nice visit an Betty mentally runs through the what food is in the house and what to prepare for all the unexpected dinner guests the door bell rings again.

It is Bob's cousin Debbie. Everyone loves Debbie and greets her enthusiastically.

I wonder what Patsy is plotting with her cousins. Those kids can cook up some great schemes.
"Don't worry,"  says Patsy. "I haven't actually done it, but it looks pretty easy. Just follow me."

There goes the doorbell again and in comes Betty's sister Bridget with her husband Bill Banner and her three kids, Bradley, Bunny and Prentice.

Bob is standing by the fireplace with Philip, Felicia's husband. "So, Bob," Philip says quietly. "Where did you really go and what did you do."

"I honestly can't remember anything from the time I went missing until I saw Felicia on the street that day." says Bob just as the doorbell rings again.
Betty can't imagine who it would be since the whole family has already arrived, so she is surprised to see the Mountie and the delivery man again.

This time they seem to be delivering a bride.

"Hello again ma'am", says the Mountie. "This young lady has reported a missing person and my policeman's intuition tells me that the missing person in question is the same missing person as your missing person.
"What on earth do you mean?" asks Betty. "Bob is not missing anymore. What would this have to do with him?'

"Just the facts ma'am. This lady is looking for a man who matches the description of your husband."
The bride starts to explain. "I met a wonderful man. He had no one in the world and I thought he was very romantic and mysterious. We decided to get married because he wanted so much to be part of a family. He felt that he was missing that in his life."

"Yesterday was our wedding day and I waited at the chapel for hours, but he never showed up. I filed a missing person report and the policeman brought me here."

"BOB!" yells Betty. "Could you come out here please?"
When Bob comes out Betty takes them over to the side. She doesn't want the family to over hear until this is straightened out.

My dearest," the bride says to Bob. "How could you leave me at the alter like that!?

"Bob! You were going to marry another woman?! Explain yourself." says Betty

"I don't remember anything." says Bob

Both women start talking at once, but Bob gets the feeling he is being watched.

"Oh my," says Felicia.

"So, I was right." says Mrs. Drapeau.

"Now dear," says Mr. Drapeau

"Lucky dog," says Bill to Philip. "Two beautiful women fighting over him.

"What was that, Bill?" asks Bridget.

"Nothing dear." Bill mumbles.

"My Bob would ever do anything wrong," says Mrs. Flagg Sr. " All of you be quiet now."

"Yes, everyone, be quiet. I can't hear what they are saying." says cousin Debbie.

Well, it seems that Bob has some explaining to do. Where was he while he was gone? What other things did he do? How did he get amnesia in the first place? Where did he meet the young bride?

Will we ever find out?

And with all the adults so interested in Bob and Betty's business has anyone thought to check on the children? I wonder what they are up to.


  1. Oh this is HILARIOUS!!!!! I especially love all the Flagg family stacked up hanging out the front door to listen! That Bob, Who knew!
    Great post. CM

  2. Thanks CM! The Flaggs certainly live exciting lives. Now I have to figure out what happens next. Oh well, it keeps me off the streets. LOL


  3. Oh, I cannot wait to hear what happens next! I just love my Flagg dolls; Cannot wait to get more... I have set the kids up a summer camp, but only have two kids as of now. Does anyone know where to look besides eBay? I am about to order some on RubyLane, but if anyone has any better suggestions? Can't wait to hear more!
    BTW Love the kids hanging out the windows and crawling on the roof! Hilarious!

  4. Thanks Spencer! I have found Flaggs on eBay and on Rubylane. If they aren't in a box people don't know what they are, so search in the Dolls and Bears category in eBay with the search word 'rubber'. It takes some patience, but I have found several that way, including a cowboy and a nurse (son to be added to the story line). I also saw a Flagg priest and Nun, but the price went too high.

    My best deal was a bag of eleven Flaggs at an Antique Mall. I had to clean them and redress most of them, but they turned out fine and most are in the story above.

    Happy Hunting!

  5. Thanks! I just won this little Flagg boy on eBay for 00.99! Great deal, if you ask me! I also started setting up a summer camp for the kids. The Bennets plan to open it next summer and are renovating and restoring it this summer. I am going to order two ballerinas and a cowboy and cowgirl for the camp. The girls are the daughter's friends, the cowboy and cowgirl will get their clothing changed and redone, and will be the counslers! I am going to look more under eBay now, wish me luck!