Saturday, September 18, 2010

Look who came to live at my house - The Grecon Family!

This elegant Grecon Family has come to live with me.

I am quite embarrassed to say that I have not prepared a place for them to stay.

About a month ago some old and dear friends came to stay with me. To make room for them in the guest room I packed up a lot of my dollhouses and accessories and moved them to the garage

My wonderful daughter and her equally wonderful boyfriend helped me get ready. They worked hard to pack everything up and carry it out to the garage, but as a result I can't find anything. I am not complaining, mind you. I needed to purge the guest room and make my friends comfortable during their visit. I love them all dearly - my friends and my kids (boyfriend included). I am just explaining that in being a good hostess to my friends I have become a very bad hostess to the Grecons. They have to live on a bare shelf for now.

They are English dolls, so they may end up living in my Triang if I can ever find it again. Of course I would redecorate for them.

These dolls are a smaller scale than most dollhouse dolls. They are even smaller than the 3/4 scale Flagg dolls. They are approximately 3.5" high

Here is Granny in her tea gown. She is very elegant with her brooch, lace and eyeglasses. I love her rosy cheeks and her little bow mouth.

This young lady is quite lovely. Is she the daughter of the family, daughter-in-law, or is she a married neighbour? We will have to see.

These dolls have metal feet, embroidered hair and painted features on padded faces. These dolls were produced in England from the 1950's to the 1970's.

Their bodies are flexible wire which is padded and then bound by wool. Their hair is embroidered on with yarn. These dolls were sold for a period of 50 years, making it difficult to date them other than by their clothing and hairstyles.

More information on their history can be found on Small Stuff Miniature's blog. Check it out.

I love the detail on the front of the dress. The scarf is great, but I am a little confused by the vest and beads. It almost looks like a life vest.

The men may look familiar. Their identical brothers came with my Barton Model Home. The gentlemen with this group are in better condition. I don't think any of these four dolls were ever played with.

The wonderful family in the Barton Model Home enjoyed the ownership of two little girls long before they came to me.
Grecon dolls have cloth labels sewn on their backs, so it is easy to tell what they are.

Grandpa has obviously lost his razer, but he is a natty dresser.

These dolls have a lot of charm.

I suppose they could live in my GeeBee house, but where would the other Granny-and-Granddad live?

I am thinking of moving these new (to me) Grecons into an American house. Yes, I am.

I have cleaned up this house. and, if I can find it in the garage, I will redecorate it for them.

We will see.  I haven't made up my mind yet, but I am enjoying the decision making process.

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  1. Wow they are in GREAT shape. The "spot on" furniture and Dil toi and Barton work well with them. They are really cute! C

  2. what a lovely family and they are in the best of health! i don't think they will mind which house they live in, so long as they are off the shelf.... :)

  3. Love those Grecons. I have several & found a few more recently. Like yours they are homeless, just sitting on the shelf waiting for accommodation. You are right, it does look like a life vest.. curious....

  4. Those dolls are wonderful. So whimsical. They make me want to start searching for them!