Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bob Flagg's wacky world.

When we last saw Bob Flagg he was in big trouble. He had just reunited with his wife and daughter after suffering from a mysterious amnesia,  when a bride showed up and said that Bob had asked her to marry him. And, Bob had heartlessly left her at the alter.

After getting the kids off the roof and the nosy relatives back in the house Betty turns to her parents for comfort.

Betty Flagg is devastated. How could her loving, wonderful husband want to marry another woman? She couldn't believe it.

"There, there," says Mr. Drapeau. patting Betty's back comfortingly. "Bob says he doesn't remember. Why don't you sit down with him and talk this out. I know that Bob loves you."

"Oh, Daddy, how can I ever trust him again," sobs Betty.

"I told you not to marry him," Betty's mother says, glaring at Bob. "I knew he wasn't good enough for you."

"Now, Dorothy," says Mr. Drapeau. "Bob's a good man. Don't make things worse for our girl."

"Betty, listen to your father." Bob pleads, "I don't know this woman. Honest!! And will you tell Patsy's dog to stop growling at me."

Bucky is standing between Betty and this strange man who is making her unhappy. He won't let him hurt her.

"Bob," says the bride pulling on his arm. "There people are a bore. Let's go. The minister is waiting."

"What ... No, I can't marry you. I'm already married." Bob is so confused.

"Don't be ridiculous, Bob," says the Bride, pulling on his arm. "You are marrying me. Get a grip!"

As Betty's mother steers her into the house a stranger comes round the corner of the house.

"Hey there!" he says to Mr. Drapeau. " A Mountie and a man in livery riding a bicycle told me that a bride had come to this house."

"Yes, she is over there," says Mr. Drapeau. "She has been telling us that my son-in-law wanted to marry her. My daughter is very upset."

"I am so sorry," says the stranger. "The bride is my daughter and she thinks that everyman she meets wants to marry her. Your son-in-law must be her latest  groom. I can tell you without even meeting him that he is totally blameless"

"Bridie! There you are!" says the stranger. "Your sister, Ellen, and I have come to take you home."

"Hi Daddy. Hi Ellen. Is it time to cut the cake?"

"Yes dear. Let's go. Say goodbye to these nice people."

"Okay! Come on Ellen. Let's go. I love cake!" And with that Bridie and her family left.

"Mom!" says Betty, "Bob was telling the truth all along. He didn't want to marry another woman. Oh how could I have misjudged him so."

Betty doesn't notice, but the peanut gallery is back. They must have heard the stranger arrive.

"Bob!! I am so sorry for having doubted you." Betty ran to Bob's arms. "Can you forgive me?"

"Betty, you have nothing to apologize for." says Bob, giving her a hug. "I am so sorry I caused you this pain."

"It's not your fault Bob." says a happy Betty. "You had amnesia."

"How do you like that?  says Bill to Philip in the doorway. "He got off Scott free!"

"I knew my Bob was a good boy." says Mrs. Flagg Sr. "Just like his sainted father."

But the bride and the stranger and the nurse have stirred something in Bob. He is starting to remember things that happened during his amnesia.

What does Bob remember?

Where did he meet the bride?

Why does the nurse seem so familiar?

Does he realize he is going to be a father again?

What exactly happened when he was missing?

Stay tuned.




  1. So funny, you really have a vivid imagination! (Or is the story based on real events? :-))
    Love the peanut gallery in the doorway!!! :-)

  2. Wonderful denouement! (Or perhaps not quite yet?) I love the names - poor Bridie, with a name like that and only a wedding dress to wear, she must be quite a handful for her family. (Does Ellen by any chance always think she should be at a wedding too?)
    Love Mrs Flagg's maiden name! Do they have any relatives called Bunting?

  3. Thanks Pubdoll. It's all out of my imagination with help from CM over at My Realitty. She started the plot line and then Flagg dolls just started to show up at my house.

    Rebecca, I am glad you enjoyed it. There will be more to come. I love the whole Flagg family and each member has a story to tell. I hope my followers aren't getting bored.
    I am having fun with the names, and am always looking for more. I shall use Bunting with your permission. Flagg dolls keep finding me and I am running sort of suitable surnames.

    I thought of calling Ellen Nursie, but it just seemed too obvious. Maybe she isn't really a nurse. Maybe she just likes to think she is. We will have to see.



  4. You're welcome! Are there any Standards, Pennants, Banners, Fahne or Ensigns in the extended family yet?