Saturday, October 2, 2010

Meet Mindolton's latest couple

Mr and Mrs Meyer-Caco have just come to live in Mindolton. They are quite a natty couple.

This is a mixed marriage. Mrs Meyer-Caco is an Erna Meyer doll from the late 1940's- early 1950's.The Erna Meyer dolls were taller then. They were made in 1:10 scale. She is about 6.75" tall. She has a stockinette face, and fabric feet. One of her stockings is in bad shape.  Whether it has disintegrated due to age or been attached by moths, I don't know. But she is in mint condition except for the stocking.

Mr. Meyer-Caco doesn't mind that she is taller than he. In fact, he is very proud of his Junoesque wife.

Mr. Meyer-Caco is a Caco doll from the same period.  He has a composition molded face and metal feet. He is about 6" tall.

Both dolls were made in Germany and wear felt hats and coats.

A mixed marriage in the dollhouse world isn't unusual, but it happens less often than one would think.

As soon as they laid eyes on each other they knew it was meant to be. How often does your outfit completely compliment your mates? It was love at first sight.




  1. They do make a perfect couple!

  2. They are very handsome, love the coats. C

  3. Oh, Mrs Meyer-Caco is beautiful! I have an Erna Meyer man from this period in a coat, but the only time I bid on a woman in a coat I was thoroughly outbid. And Mrs Meyer-Caco has a scarf as well as a hat! Fantastic. Mr Meyer-Caco is pretty snazzy too - how amazing that their outfits are so perfectly complimentary! I hope we see more of this happy couple - I'd love to see what Mrs Meyer-Caco is wearing underneath her coat.

  4. Son una pareja encantadora.
    Los abrigos son maravillosos.
    besitos ascension