Friday, April 23, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the Flagg's ....

When we last saw the Flagg's Patsy and Bucky were very busy. They didn't mean to be naughty. They were just curious and having fun, but Mrs. Flagg was not pleased and now they are having a time out on the stairs. Patsy is glad she has Bucky for a friend. A time out is not so bad when he is with her. She wishes she could have another orange.

When the door bell rings Mrs. Flagg in in the living room cleaning up bread crumbs and orange peels. The carpet was such a sticky gooey mess that she had to send it out for cleaning and put a new one down. She likes the new one better though. It is very elegant, and all hand made.

"Mom, there's a guy at the door in a cool outfit," Patsy calls. "Maybe he's another delivery man." Bucky growls excitedly. He isn't afraid of this uniform.

Mrs. Flagg is curious and worried to see a Mountie at her door. "Hello Officer," she says. "What can we do for you?"

"Well, Ma'am, I am here to investigate your missing person report. I believe you reported one Bob Flagg missing. Can you tell me when was the last time you saw him alive."

"What do you mean 'alive'? You can't possibly think Bob is not alive, can you? My sweet, dear, considerate husband. The best friend a woman could ask for and a wonderful father for Patsy. He just disappeared one day, and now you think he is dead!?!"

"Calm, down ma'am. I didn't say he was dead or that you had done away with him. Just the facts please. When did you last see him"?

Before her mother can answer Patsy yells. "Mom, the delivery man is here again!" He is bringing us a person!"

What?!" says Mrs. Flagg. Then, "BOB!!! Bob, is it really you?"

"Betty!" shouts Mr. Flagg.

"Bob!!" cries Mrs. Flagg

They run to each other and embrace.

"Bob, I was so worried! I thought you were dead." says Mrs. Flagg. "Where have you been?"

"It's a long story," says Bob. "But I'm home now. I missed you."

"Hi Daddy," says Patsy. "

"Patsy, my girl!" How are you?"

"I got a dog. His name is Bucky, and we ate the bread, and oranges and Mommy got mad." says Patsy as she hugs her daddy.

"You mean the bread and oranges the my sister, Felicia, and I sent from California?" asks Mr. Flagg. "With the note saying I was coming home?"

"We didn't get the note." says Mrs. Flagg. "The delivery man lost it. I had no idea you were coming home."

"Well, ma'am," says the Mountie, "It looks like I have solved another case. If everything is fine here I will be on my way. Hey, delivery guy, can I get a ride with you?"

"Sure, hop on," says the delivery man, realizing there will be no tip, even though Bob was one of the heaviest deliveries he has done in years and it was mostly uphill on the bicycle.

The Flags wave goodbye and call their thanks. Mrs. Flagg feels like she is in a dream. Mr. Flagg is happy to be off the bicycle seat. It wasn't very comfortable, and the delivery man grumbled and complained the whole time. Patsy wonders what her father brought her and if he has any more oranges. Bucky wonders who this new guy is and if he will have to guard Mrs. Flagg and Patsy from him. Bucky is a very good dog.

"Let's go in the house and open that lovely bottle of California wine to celebrate," says Mrs. Flagg. "Bob, I can't believe you are home."

When the family is settled on the couch with the bottle of Rosé and a glass if milk for Patsy Mr. Flagg starts to tell his story. It is a long, long story, but it has a happy ending.

Will we hear of Mr. Flagg's adventures in a future blog? We will have to wait and see.



  1. Yes, and a happy one. But where has Bob been and why did he disappear? We know from your blog he had amnesia, but how did he get his memory back? And what was he dong in San Francisco? Where is Felicia now? Hmmm...


  2. !que gracia como explica la historia, es muy divetido.
    un abrazo Carmen

  3. AAAaaawww... I love a happy ending. So glad the family is back together. How wonderful! I enjoyed this post so much. Love the embrace! Poor delivery guy. Too funny...

  4. Susan -- when the Mountie appeared, I just about died :) Perfect!