Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Come inside! We were waiting for you.

Please come in and have a look at my new house.

Here is the living room. 

Mr. Dahl has just arrived home after a hard day at the office and is enjoying his pre-dinner cocktail. Good old Fido is at his feet, and Mrs. Dahl has more cocktails ready on the coffee table in case he needs a refill.

The kitchen with its pink tin appliances (pink is the new white), is separated from the dining room by a very modern half wall. Don't you just love the space age wallpaper?

You will notice that the kitchen is spotless. Mes. Dahl doesn't like to mess up her new appliances with nasty, splattery food.

Upstairs the bedroom is neat as a pin.

The Dahls had to make room for Baby Dahl in the den, but he didn't disrupt it too much.

He is sleeping now.

They have such a lovely home. It is just right for two, er, I mean three. people.

I guess the bathroom is in a room we can't see. Or maybe because Mrs. Dahl doesn't cook they don't need to go.  But, wait ... what about all those cocktails they imbibe?  Surely they would have to go sometime.

Okay, we'll just say the bathroom is in an area we can't see.

It's hard to believe that just a few days ago this house fit into a flat(ish) box.

What's that? You have to go now. Well, come back and see us soon.

Maybe next time we'll have food, and a room for the baby, and a place to pee.  Why anything can happen in the Dahl's world.

Bye for now.




  1. very sweet. all this german furniture in this american house. I love it.

  2. I hope your collection of Cape Cod houses will grow and grow - it is so interesting to see the same kind of house furnished in different ways - a lot of german furniture found its way over the ocean, too.

  3. Me encantan los muebles de los años 60 que has utilizados. Te ha quedado muy bonita. Veo que la Sra Dhal, hace unos cokteles buenisimos, jeje.
    Besitos, May

  4. Nice family set up. I love the cocktails on the kitchen table ;-D