Friday, October 15, 2010

Good things come in small packages

I recently acquired this lovely little Morton E. Converse House. It was made about 1910-1920, I believe (please correct me if I am wrong).

The house was offered in three sizes. It is printed paper over wood.

This is the smallest version - only about 12" high - and originally sold for 69¢. It is in excellent condition except for the fading and wear on the gable.

Please come in and look around. It won't take long.

The front of the house swings open, veranda and all, and the roof lifts off. As you can see the wallpaper, rugs, curtains and architectural detail is all  there - printed on.

I particularly like the bird cage and the potted plant in the upper windows.

It's not a very spacious house, but a couple of tootsietoy chairs and a radio make the living room comfortable.

And upstairs there is room for a tootsietoy bed and rocking chair

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Y'all come back and see us sometime.



  1. So cute. The Tooysie Toy looks just right. Love the graphics. I think penny toys work well too. My you have been busy! C

  2. What a great little house! Looks like it is perfect condition too. :D

  3. what a lovely little house... it would be fun looking for a family to live in it... :)

  4. These old houses with the patina of age really looks good in any setting!

  5. Lovely! I'd really love to have a little house like this. The Tootsie Toy furniture looks like it was made for it!
    Let us know when it's open for inspection, I love seeing the potential tenants of your houses viewing their future homes :-)

  6. Thanks for helping to educate me. This house looks quite special. Congrats on the find.