Sunday, October 3, 2010

A dream estate auction

Maybe I am dreaming. It certainly seems like it.  I recently stumbled across an estate auction that offered unexpected, actually undreamed of, treasures. There were several lots of dollhouse items. I will share all of them with you sooner or later, but today I want to show you the Golden Oak lot.

I brought my antique dollhouse in from the garage and cleaned it up so I could showcase my unbelievable find. This furniture is from 1900-1910

I already had the wardrobe. It took me a while to figure out what is was. It has a GA Schwarz, Philadelphia label on the back. GA Schwarz was FAO's brother, I believe. It was because of this wardrobe and its label that I came to learn about Schneegas dollhouse furniture.

The bed, complete with mattress, pillow, 2 sheets and a coverlet. was one of the auction lots. It is in perfect condition.
A wonderful golden oak dining room was in a box of ten pieces of Schneegas.

The server/buffet has a marble top and candle shelves.

The four chairs have original woven seats. The candelabra in the middle of the table has a paper label that says "Made in Germany" and is blown glass from the same period as the furniture.
The desk opens up to reveal a space under the felt writing platform. It has a door on the side you can see that opens to a storage space. On the opposite side there are three working drawers.

The pigeon holes on the top of the desk also have two drawers. Perhaps there were four at one time. I don't know.

The Pièce de résistance is the hall stand. I managed to identify all the other pieces (except the clock) on the web, or in one of my books. But the hall stand was a complete surprise to me.

It has six soft metal hooks, a mirror and a drawer. The glue had dried out on several of the pieces and this was no exception. I had to glue the mirror back in and the cornice back on top.

I feel very lucky that the pieces were all in the box.

The clock on the metal Stevens table in the background is also a piece I couldn't find any references to. It is gorgeous!

The cornice seems to be broken off. This is the only item in the box of goodies that has missing pieces. The clock has a mirror behind the pendulum and glass on all three sides. The clock and pendulum seem to be the same soft metal as the knobs and hooks on the other pieces.

Here is the furnished dollhouse. As you can see there is more to tell.

Stay tuned.



  1. It sounds like a dream come true, what a find.

  2. omg, aren't they fabulous.. it all looks stunning in the house. can't wait to see more.. :)

  3. Oh, how beautiful! And all from an estate sale, how wonderful! I think you must live in dolls house heaven, and all the dolls houses and furnishings that have been loved in your area find their way to you :-)
    The house looks fantastic with everything in it - look forward to seeing more details :-) (Hope they have a maid to keep everything polished!)

  4. Que casita mas preciosa, llena de maravillosos detalles, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  5. Wow you ARE a doolhouse magnate! C

  6. Thanks everyone! Rebecca I can't believe it myself. I keep walking in to my dining room, where the dollhouses are, to look at the house and see if it is still there.

    Ha ha, Carol, You are so clever. I agree. After this latest find I am definitely a dollhouse magnate. This stuff is worth a fortune. I seem to be something of a magnet too. The stuff keep finding me. Maybe that fall I took in August has polarized me.

    Christine, I know. I love it all. more pics to come.

    Gracias Acension. Besitos.


  7. You lucky duck Susan, congrats on the fantastic find!

  8. Congrats on finding so many wonderful treasures!!