Monday, October 4, 2010

Home from the Sunday Market

Mother, Father and the children are just back from the Sunday Antique market, where they bought some lovely luggage and beautiful furniture.
The children are tired and cranky. Sister is throwing a tantrum and brother is whining for Mother's attention.

Mother is trying to rest on the new chaise, hoping her headache will go away.

The china dog has just chased the bisque cat onto the lovely striped wing chair they found for a great price that morning. It even has a matching foot stool.

I hope the cat's feet are clean.

Father seems oblivious to the tantrum, the whining the barking and the hissing. What has captured his attention?

Oh, I see. There is a sunbather in the garden. Father, really! Give the poor girl some privacy.

I got up impossibly early on Sunday morning and dragged myself to the Toronto Antique Market. One of the dealers, who knows I am an easy touch, called me to say he had some dollhouse items.

I was intrigued, so bolstered by coffee and not much else, I ventured out to find a Streetcar. It was really cold on Sunday, I had to put my furnace on for the first time since Spring. But the early, sleepy, cold, caffeine driven quest was worth it.

The stuff he had was from the late 70's early 80's. I didn't buy everything. I felt his prices were too high on some things, but I got these things:

• green striped chair and footstool - the chair is a wonderful interpretation of the House of Miniatures wing chair kit. The foot stool is a covered plastic pizza box separator.

• the croquet set. I can't tell whether it is an artisan piece or a manufactured piece, but I love it.

• the four lovely potted plants

• the wicker lounge and matching table (not shown) - could be artisan pieces. They are beautifully made.

• the iron garden pieces - acrylic topped table and two chairs. They are upholstered in the same fabric as the wing chair.

• the child's wagon - a signed artisan piece.

• the pie crust table - marked with a paper label from Miniature Collector, Quakertown, PA, 1977.

• the plug in lamp

• and the gorgeous luggage which appears to be hand made. Only one piece opens.

• not shown are some pettitpoint rugs, and other artisan miniatures - toy soldiers and a toy train.

The dealer grumbled about me taking the cream of the collectibles, but gave me a great rate and we made a deal.

I am very pleased with my purchases for the day and eagerly look forward to his next call.



  1. The family scene - complete with tantrum is a hoot! Great purchases!

  2. Susan, You scored!!! You found some really nice items! Loved the story too!

  3. Love your new banner too! So you, C

  4. You have had some lucky finds of late, they are great and I like your story too.

  5. Lots of good stuff there. My favourite though is that luggage - it is gorgeous!

  6. Susan, I am new to following your blog, so forgive me if this question has already been answered...where did you get the family you display in these photos - who is their manufacturer?

    I truly enjoy your blog...keep up the great work! Anna

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Anna, these are Caco dolls from the early to mid 1960's. They were made in Germany and have composition heads and wire wrapped bodies. I bought them on eBay.