Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daphne and Colette go to UC Berkerly

The girls get a ride with J. to UC Berkeley.

J. went to Berkeley so she is an excellent tour guide.

What a beautiful campus." says Daphne. "How lucky J. was to go to school here."

Daphne and Colette are so busy looking around that they lose sight of J.

"Oh dear, where could she be?" the girls ask.

They decide to climb a nearby Hollyhock to get a better view of the campus.

"There she is!" shouts Daphne. She is so excited she falls off the Hollyhock.

"Don't worry, I've got you." says Colette.

"Oh, Colette, I'm so glad you've got my back." says Daphne. "Thanks for being there."

 "Whew," says Colette. "Now that we've found J. let's get a coffee and relax before we go home.

The girls settle in to a patio table and wait for J.  to bring them their Java.

"Wasn't that fun?" they ask each other.

"It would be great to go to school here." they agree.

Hugs and kisses to J. for the lovely afternoon and great tour. We had such fun, and we hope to see you again soon.



  1. I love following the adventures of Daphne and Colette, so much fun! The pictures of them in in the Hollyhock are priceless!
    Inventive benches and patio table, but who's that man in the background?

  2. Thanks! I don't know what Daphne will do when her adventures in California are over and she has to go back to Mindolton. She will certainly miss Colette.
    And, yes, who is that man in the background? There is something familiar about him.

  3. J is off in Atlantic City this week but she said she had a blast with you Susan! Isn't pubdoll observant! C

  4. Thank you for showing photos of my great-grandmother's alma mater! I think a great deal has probably changed since she was a student there, but the library looks like it's been there for a long time.
    Love the hollyhock climb and the seats! Daphne really is a very well travelled doll :-)

  5. Ha ha. I had time to really look at the Hollyhock picture! It's a classic! C

  6. I will miss their adventures too. It won't be the same when they are thousands of miles apart and can't just take off together on a whim.

    Thanks everyone!