Saturday, July 24, 2010

No need to whine when there's wine everywhere

Colette is so glad Daphne is visiting because it gives her an excuse to visit Napa again. It is one of her favorite trips.

Daphne loves the scenery on the drive up. "What are those funny bushes all in rows," she asks.

"Oh Daphne, those are our favorite bushes. Those are the grape vines," says Colette. "They use the grapes to make the wine."

"How do they do that?" asks Daphne.

"Let's go to a winery and find out." suggests Colette.

"Oh yes. Let's!" Daphne is so excited.

Their next stop is the Sterling Winery.

They have to take a cable car up the hill to begin the tour.
The pleasant young host helps the girls in and tells them to enjoy the ride. The view is incredible and the girls are busy pointing out everything they see.

"Colette! Don't lean out so far! You'll fall." Daphne grabs Colette.

"Oh, Daphne. I'm glad you've got my back and keep me from getting into trouble."

Inside the winery the girls are enjoying the tour.

They have never seen anything as big as these vats.

The oak casts are a tribute to the cooper's skill. The have an austere beauty.

"Look Daphne," Colette points. "Those big barrels on the right are for 1:1 people, and those little barrels in the room to the left are for 1:12 people."

"Wow, Colette, you sure know a lot about wine." says Daphne.

After touring the wine making rooms the girls ask another tourist to take their picture on the terrace in front of the incredible view.

Across the valley is an Italian castle. They make wine there too, but they don't have time to visit it today.

As they leave the winery Colette stops to show Daphne how the grapes grow on the vines.

Daphne is impressed by the big cluster of grapes.

In the fall, Colette tells her, these will be made into wine.

Daphne is hot, tired, sun-kissed, excited, and has never been happier in her life.

What will the girls do next?

Come back later and find out.



  1. Thanks for sharing wonderful pics. I love it. Italian Wine Tours

  2. Wonderful pictures from the wine tour, especially the girls and the beautiful scenery from the cable car and the terrace! The girls look so sweet together!
    And too funny about the barrels for the 1:1 and 1:12 people :-)

  3. Glad you enjoyed it! The girls did - both the 1:12 girls and the 1:1 girls.