Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Open up that Golden Gate ...

What a glorious sight!
Daphne is excited to ride the cable car to downtown San Francisco.

Colette has graciously offered to take the pictures today, so she isn't in many of these.

They decide to go to Ghiradelli Square first.

Daphne asks Colette why Ghiradelli is famous and when she hears it's all about candy she has to see it.

Daphne is tickled to see cable cars, just like the one she took to get here, on the package.

And the beautiful Golden Gate bridge is on these packages.

Outside the girls find mermaids in a fountain. "This is so cool," says Daphne.

"And here is the big sign." says Daphne with her best Vanna White arm sweep.

The waterfront across the street is beautiful.

"Let's have a coffee at the Buena Vista," Colette suggests. "This is the restaurant where they invented Irish Coffee."

"That sounds great." says Daphne, settling in at the bar. "I'm going to try one of those."

More adventures to come. Stay tuned.



  1. Love watching your girls in their adventures!

  2. Colette really enjoyed this day! Great pic you took of the Golden Gate Susan! C

  3. Thanks Kathi! We are having a blast recording the girls' adventures.

    Thanks CM. Colette took some great pictures too.


  4. What a fantastic time Daphne is having with Colette - wine, chocolate, Irish coffees! Daphne looks right at home in the bar there ;-)

    ps Did Daphne have to stand up all the way in the cable car? I can't see any seats ...

  5. Daphne, it's Colette. Life is boring without you! Have you gone to Carmel Doll Shop yet? Dying to know. Colette (alone in the hot tub,J doesn't get back till next week!)(I don't know what this means, but my random word was "stork") C

  6. Hi Colette. It's Daphne. Yes, I went to the Carmel Doll Shop. I saw lots of friendly little peeps inside, but the door was locked so all I could do was look through the window. The owners are off at a doll show and won't be back until after I get home. Sigh!

    Nest time, I guess. I miss you and the hot tub and all the fun we had exploring.

    Thanks for the fairy tale week.

  7. Hi Rebecca. It is hard to see the seats in the cable car, but I am sure she was no more uncomfortable than we 1:1 people were when we rode the 1:1 car with the crankiest conductor in San Fran. The seats are hard.

    Daphne enjoyed her Irish coffee, but then Colette had to help her home. LOL