Saturday, July 17, 2010

California Dreamin' ...

Daphne is busy getting ready to go on a trip to California.

She is very excited. She has heard a lot about the Golden Gate state.

She has some postcards from her aunt who traveled there in the 1950s and she keeps looking at them and imagining herself in the places they show.

Daphne's friend Betty Flagg has an old friend in California and Betty has arranged for Daphne to stay with her. It is very kind of both Betty and her friend Colette to do this. Daphne is very excited to meet Colette because Colette's Realitty is on the Left Coast.

Daphne has heard that California is very modern. She hopes Colette will want to go shopping at one of the new indoor malls.

And maybe they can go bowling in an air-conditioned alley.
Daphne thinks the new bowling outfits for women are pretty cute.

They could go for coffee after at the cafe on Main Street.

And maybe they could go on a road trip to see the countryside.

Apparently California has a variety of different countrysides to choose from.

Daphne would like to see them all.

They could pick up some souvenirs along the way.

And maybe they could pick up a couple of those hot motorcycle gang members that Daphne has heard so much about. She loved Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

Hmmm, Colette lives in California. She probably already knows a few.

If the road trip takes them far away from Colette's house they could spend the night in a fancy modern Motel.

Daphne has never stayed in a Motel. It sounds very exotic and worldly to her.

Catalina Island also sounds very exotic and you have to take a boat to get there. But maybe that's asking for too much. The trip is an incredible adventure as it is.

Still Daphne can't help wondering what the natives of Catalina look like and what their language sounds like.
Of course Daphne could always take the train down to Los Angeles. The Daylight Limited sounds very nice. Maybe Colette would come too.

After all, who wouldn't want to see Walt Disney World and Knott's Berry Farm? They are world famous.

They grow oranges in California, and apparently they grow them big.

Daphne can't wait to taste the freshly squeezed juice.

Oh yes, California is very exciting for Daphne. She can't wait for the day she leaves. She can't wait to meet Colette. She can't wait to see what adventures they will have.

Daphne has to go now to finish packing so she will be ready to take that modern jet out of that futuristic airport.

She is so excited she is beside herself.



  1. Lucky girl! You picked some great postcards as a teaser, and I'm looking forward to see what the girls will be up to! I'm sure she and Collette will have a lot of fun together!
    Perhaps they even meet some handsome moviestars in LA?

  2. Such a fun post! Hope she has fun!

  3. Ha ha! Well Daphne might find it a little different than her expectations. Those postcards are gems! As long as she likes Margaritas and California wine she will be right at home! C

  4. CM, I don't know about Daphne, but I certainly like Margaritas and California wine. So we don't have to worry about them going to waste.

    Thanks Pubdolls and Heather! I am sure that Daphne won't be disappointed even if she doesn't see Marlon Brando or other movie stars.


  5. Ah ha ha!!! Fabulous post. That fancy new indoor mall is in my neck of the woods. So much to see! Looking forward to meeting you next week. :)