Sunday, August 1, 2010

Daphne has left her heart in San Francisco

Daphne is unhappy to discover that a vacation must come to an end.

She and Colette bid each other a tearful adieu.

"Thank you so much," Daphne tells Colette. "I have had a wonderful time and I have learned so much. I really don't want to go."

"I had a wonderful time too," says Colette. "I hope you can come back soon."

As Daphne sails away from the city she feels as lonely as the single seagull that hovers over the ship.

She thinks about all the wonderful things she saw in the city.

The Trans America building was impressive.

She loved the painted ladies at Alamo Square.

Lombard Street was a trip.

Russian Tea at the Samovar was soooo cool!

And their visit to SFMOMA was even cooler.

Lunch in Sausalito was delicious.

But the best part of all was sharing the experience with someone who understands your language and talks your talk.

The girls will miss each other.

Farewell to San Francisco.

We will be back someday.

Thanks Carol and Colette for being the most fun, most gracious, and most compatible hostesses there could be.

Hugs and kisses

Susan and Daphne


  1. Brilliant photos all - I absolutely love the one of them at the Samovar! How brilliant to take the furniture and teaset with you! I must start giving my dolls some outings too (with some compatible human company so I don't feel top self-conscious!)

  2. WE had a blast. You and Daphne were the perfect guests! I was great to "speak dollhouse", as you so clevely put it, for the week. See you in DC next year! C

  3. Thanks Rebecca! We had so much fun. And to give credit where credit is due, Mini Dork brought the couch and tea set and the beautiful coffee table belonged to Mini2Be. They very thoughtfully brought them along so Daphne and Colette could snack in style.


  4. Thanks C! We hated to leave, but life goes on. I just don't know how the residents of Mindolton will put up with Daphne now that she is so well traveled. I think there may be some attitude from her when she gets home.

    Can't wait for the next adventures of Daphne & Colette ( and Carol and Susan).