Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Castle In the Air

Daphne and Colette are strolling up Fourth Street in Berkeley when a beautiful shop catches their eye.

From the street they can see other mini people.

"Let's go in," they say together.

Inside is a fairy land.
There is a Chinese royal family dressed in exotic silks.

There are ancient castles.

And a beautiful Lenci Bo Peep has lost her sheep.

Hey Bo! Look on the other side of you. Your sheep are right there next to the big glass jar of babies.

Daphne and Colette have their picture taken with some of the shop residents. (Thanks to the permission of the kind shop keeper.)

Colette and Daphne even go under the sea to visit the mermaids. What an enchanted place.

There were wonderful antique miniatures in glass cases all around the store.

Daphne is curious and concerned. "Why do they have these people locked up? Is this some kind of zoo?" She is worried that someday someone might want to put her in this kind of zoo.

"No, no." says Colette. " They are in the cases to protect them from being damaged by the big peeps. They are very happy in their little homes."

Daphne is relieved, but still a little creeped out.

Visit Castle in the Air's website here: http://www.castleintheair.biz/

Or in person:
1805 4th St
(between Hearst Ave & Virginia St)
Berkeley, CA 94710

You will be enchanted.



  1. Great photos, I have visited the website and it is fantastic.

  2. hehe! Great post :). *waves at Daphne & Collette ! Are you 2 named after writers?

  3. Thanks Margaret! If you get a chance visit the real store. You will love it.

    Sans, Daphne and Colette wave back. Yes, I believe they are named after writers, but maybe not the obvious ones. LOL


  4. What a fantastic shop / museum / wonderworld! Colette and Daphne find some great places to visit.

  5. I live in the bay area and am glad to see that you are enjoying your visit! I keep hearing about Castle in the Air. After seeing your pictures I will make the trip!

  6. You will love the shop, Heather. Go, if you get the chance. It is full of really cool things as well as the antiques shown.

    Rebecca, I hope you can get to North America soon and visit us here. I will be back in Toronto, and you are welcome any time.