Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Decorating Challenge

One house. Two Families. Who does it better.
A room by room comparison.
(My apologies for some repeated pictures)

Caco family master bedroom.
Biggar-Flagg family master bedroom.

Caco family children's bedroom
Biggar-Flagg family children's bedroom

Caco family dining room

Biggar-Flagg family dining room with sitting area

Caco family living room

 Biggar-Flagg family living room

Caco family kitchen. I haven't set up the kitchen for the Biggar-Flags yet, but as I imagine them living in the early 1960s I think it might be very much the same as this one.

The bathroom will also be the same for both houses unless I can locate some nicely coloured blue or pink sets, so typical of the 60s.

Yes, I have the same salt and pepper shaker washer and dryer as Florine in her post A New Home for the Ainsleys.  I like her bathroom fixtures much better than my newer ones. In fact Florine's look like the ones that were featured in the FAO Schwarz catalogue with the house. I believe all her furniture is original to the house.


  1. Tough choice! They are both very good with great furniture but today I prefer the Biggar-Flaggs. They just seemmore lively. :)C

  2. these two homes are really nice. I love the kitchen, and was very happy to see this little salt and pepper set again. I would love to find one one of these days in France :) It's a wonderful piece of furniture in a bathroom.

  3. I can't say I like one better than the other because both set-ups are GREAT...and I can tell you had fun setting them up! I love the pastel colors of the wallpaper and floors compared to my house's dark blue and red.
    And also the metal kitchen furniture with the Kage table/chairs...and your family is so lucky to have a maid!
    The only solution, Susan, is to get another house just like this one...it will find you, don't worry!

  4. CM, I agree with you the Biggar-Flaggs are like a breath of fresh air. I love the way their faces are painted and I love their clothes. The mother's dress is actualy a halter top and the little girl's gingham dress just kills me. It is so period perfect. I was so happy to get them Mint-in-Box with no flaws.
    Of course I love my Cacos too. I don't want them to get jealous. LOL

  5. Thanks Lisa; you have a lot of interesting furniture too. I love to see your new posts and find out what's going on in your house.


  6. Bea, I have scanned in the walls. I just need to image them in photoshop. How do I get them too you?

    Thanks for the nice comments on the house. I will keep my eyes open for more of the washer dryer sets. If I find another one maybe we can do a trade.


  7. Florine, you know me too well. LOL. I did find another house like this. It is the variation without the kitchen bathroom wing. I bought it on eBay from its original owner. It has been wallpapered, but she says some of the wallpaper in it was being sold specifically for it. I didn't know there was wallpaper for it. Do you know anything about that.

    This dollhouse arrived today and I haven't unpacked it yet. I hope to spend the evening cleaning it and setting it up. I will try to get some pictures up in the next day or so.