Monday, June 14, 2010

Kids in the FAO house - They love their dogs


  1. I love to see scenes of children playing in your dollhouses...and you have some of the prettiest Flagg dolls I have ever seen...cute pups, too!

  2. Maybe I should have said that I like your Caco dollies too, but your Flaggs are really great!

  3. Thanks Florine! I love my Caco dolls too, but I have to admit that the Flaggs have also captured my heart. These Flaggs are the larger 1" scale and were sold in the early 1960s. I love their faces. They are so much nicer than the older 3/4" scale dolls. I was delighted to get this family and hope to find more, but the 1" scale dolls seem very hard to find.

    I love the scenes of the children too. I hope to set up more.