Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bib and Bibbi Bunny

I found these bunnies at a neighbour's garage sale for 50¢ each.

I recognized them as Steiff right away. They have that quality about them.  I knew they were older, but I was very surprised when I looked them up on eBay and saw the prices they were selling for.

These Steiff  bunnies are Bib & Bibbi, each about 12 cm or 5 inches tall. They are from the late 50's or early 60's, I think.
The rabbits have a heads of mohair plush, rubber hands and feet, and felt and cotton outfits. I found out that they originally carried baskets on their backs, but these are long gone.
Unfortunately, neither one has the ear button button and only Bib has his tag.

The rubber hands and feet are in excellent condition compared to those I saw in some of the eBay ads.

I saw them listed on German eBay for the equivalent of $375.00 for the two and they were in no better condition than these two with only one basket between them.

I also saw individual Bibs abd Bibbis selling for $50 to $100 each.

I think they are adorable, and the perfect size for a dollhouse, but I don't collect Steiff. I am thinking of listing them for sale. I need to support my dollhouse habit somehow.

Does anyone have an idea of what a fair price would be here in North America?



  1. WOW. You found a real treasure! 50 cents each!

  2. What a fantastic find! I follow a blog called generation Steiff collector. She seems on top of her game, and I am sure will be delighted to give you an idea of a fair price for your adorable bunnies. Flo