Monday, June 14, 2010

Can anyone identify this?

Does anyone know what type of electrical appliances this was designed for? I can find no marks on it and I can't find it in any of my usual reference places

I picked it up at a vintage shop the other day. It seems to work fine with Lundby lights although their prongs are too thick for it. If you touch the prongs to the little metal receptacles on the back the Lundby lamps light up nice and bright.

The lamps sold nowadays for 1/12th houses glow a little when plugged in (yes, their plugs fit) but do not light up. A different circuit I am afraid.

If you want to see the scale it is in the living room in my last two posts. It could be used in either Lundby or 1/12th.


  1. Shale, I don't remember who put them out or even if there was a name attached. We used to sell them in a mini shop that I worked at in the early 80s. As I remember, they were only a couple of bucks and people used them to light up table lamps that were also really cheap(and ugly). They never lit anything very well, even back then. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

  2. Hi Susan,
    I think, that this little thing is very interesting. It's to light up a few lamps in a house, which has no electrical equipment. You can hide the batteries in it.
    It's normal, if it lights up Lundby lights and not the 12th lights. It's a question of voltage. Lundby lights are to be used with 4V and the others ones are to be used with 12V. Here you put two 1,5V batteries, that brings 3V and is enough for a Lundby lamp, not for a 12V lamp.
    If you have a non electrified house, you can put some lights in the lounge with this little side board. Take Lundby bulbs and wires, and put them in another lamp, for the plugs use the right ones, if the 12TH scale can be plugged in, use these ones.
    have a nice day!
    P.S: Susan, do you remember my Marx dollhouse?

  3. Thanks so much Casey and Bea!! These comments are very helpful and confirm what I thought about this piece. I really like the idea of this little battery pack, but I wish it worked on 12Volt lamps.

    Bea, I am sorry I did forget, but I brought the walls to work this morning and should be able to scan them today or tomorrow to send to you. Thanks for reminding me.


  4. Can't help a bit but it is interesting. CM

  5. Hi Susan,
    thanks for the walls :)
    for your 12V lamps, you can change their bulbs and put 4,5V bulbs. And your lamps will work with this battery pack!

  6. Thanks for the tip!! I didn't know I could do that. Now I have an excuse to go to the dollhouse store. LOL