Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquake in Toronto today

I must be getting too involved in CM's and Rebecca's reminisces of old San Francisco.

I was sitting in my desk chair at the office at 1: 45 p.m today and the chair started to shake. A 5.5 earthquake hit eastern Ontario. What a shock. People ran out of the office buildings into the streets (we didn't, but we are brave, or maybe foolhardy). Luckily no injuries were reported. More info here.

On an happier news-of-the-area note. The tiger and the two camels that were in a stolen trailer were found safe and in good health yesterday. Thank goodness! It would be a tragedy if they had been mistreated.

I heard that the tiger, who was hand-raised, is up for the role of Richard Parker in the movie version of the Life of PI.

Jonas, a Bengal tiger, is seen in a trailer that was recovered Monday June 22, 2010, in Saint-Edmond-de-Grantham, about 90 km east of Montreal.


  1. Wow that is unusual huh. I am used to them living in California now but they used to freak me out.

    Glad they found the tiger...what a beauty.

  2. What a beautiful boy, glad to hear the animals are safe and sound.
    Re the earthquake: I remember many years ago there was an earthquake in Sydney. I somehow awoke from my sleep before the shaking started, there was a faint rumbling sound, must have registered subconsciously. When we went to look out the front door, all the neighbours were doing the same. Not as big as yours, no damage. I think I would be nervous in a highrise building too. Hope it didn't cause much damage!

  3. Thanks for the mention. Glad the animals are home.
    Being from "Cali" as the kids call it now, my daughter said to me in high school, "I don't even get out of bed unless I hear breaking glass..." CM

  4. I'm glad to hear that the tiger and camels are found and are well - we heard about their van being stolen, but not about their recovery - that's great!
    We get quite a few tremors here in Darwin - the quakes occur in the Banda Sea between here and Indonesia, and when they're strong we feel the shuddering and swaying. Tennant Creek, where I lived before Darwin, has even more earth tremors - and I've felt one in Sydney too. Never been in a big one, thank goodness!

  5. Thanks everyone! We don't get many earthquakes up here, so It was quite an event. The news was full of it. But then it was overshadowed by a tornado ripping up a town about 100 miles north of the city. We don't get many tornadoes either. But the are more frequent than earthquakes.

    I was so happy to learn the tiger and camels were safe and well. It really upset me to think that someone might harm them. The tiger was so happy to be home. That was all over the news last night too. The news reporter was standing right beside him and the zoo director was getting kisses from the big boy. He really is tame. Apparently the thieves were feeding him Friskies cat food. Ha ha. They must have bought a lot of it. The zoo director said it wasn't really appropriate for a tiger.


  6. Me alegro que estes bien a pesar del susto.
    Que bueno que el tigre y los camellos esten a salvo.
    besitos ascension

  7. The tiger is beautiful. Earthquake sounds a bit scary, not something we get in the UK! Glad you are safe.

  8. Welcome to California! An earthquake in Ontario yikes! Quite a strong one too. To run out into the street is not a safe place.
    No more earthquakes for you I hope.