Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Daphne goes garage sale-ing

Daphne finds a sweet little house at a garage sale.

"Is it for sale?" she asks excitedly.

"On, no," says the lady of the house. "My father built this for me. Then it was my daughter's. I could never sell it."

"I understand," Daphne says. "If it was mine I could never part with it either. Thank you so much for letting me have a tour of your charming little cottage. It is very cozy"

"I'm glad you stopped by," says the kind garage sale lady. "Your visit has been fun."

"By the way," she continues. "I do have some furniture for sale if you are interested."

"I like these very much," says Daphne, trying the couch. "And I like the little seal. I'll take him too."

Daphne has one last look around before leaving. She finds the roof of the house gives her a good vantage point.

Next ... Daphne finds more houses, and these ones are for sale. Yikes



  1. Daphne is an amazing doll. I just wonder how she got on that roof... LOL Loved the garden scences also. Great fun to see!

  2. Daphne is a very clever doll and a very determined one, so she had no problem getting on the roof. Plus her companion is bigger than she is and can help her with these things. lol

  3. It's a lovely house, I'm glad to see the pictures even if it wasn't for sale. And I'm glad that Daphne found some nice furniture that was for sale!