Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tynietoy Manor

Okay, I admit it. I cannot resist beautiful dollhouse furniture. Quality is like a magnet for me. I see it and "Swoosh!" I have to have it. So, welcome to Tynietoy Manor - aka, the arts and crafts bookcase in my living room. (sorry, my darling Chale, your antique cameras are now in boxes.)

Well, it looks like the girls are up and out early today. Polly's room is neat as a pin. Polly loves her blue room of Tynietoy painted furniture.

Polly is reading Pride and Prejudice for the fourth time. She dreams of meeting a tall handsome man like Mr. Darcy.

The boys in her class are all fools. They don't have Mr. Darcy's pride and high standards. Polly knows she won't settle for anything less in a man.

She and Elizabeth Bennett are kindred spirits.
Her kittens, Jane and Austin, are playing hide and seek under her bed.
 Molly is up early too. She has already left the house. Molly isn't interested in the boys in her class, or men like Mr. Darcy. Molly's world is all about what she sees in her microscope and what she types on her typewriter.

She knows she will make an important contribution to science and she dreams of being recognized by the Nobel committee for her contributions.
 Sophie, the lab, is hoping that Molly will return soon.
 The top shelf of the bookcase with taped in scrap book paper for wallpaper is the girl's bedrooms.
In the dining room, the girls' grandparents, who have raised them, are having breakfast. Sophie has abandoned Molly's room in hopes of a few scraps. Grandfather usually sneaks her some behind Grandmother's back.

Grandmother, reaching for the water pitcher, sees the morning mail on the table and wonders what is in the package.

 It is probably another book for Molly. She is always sending away for scientific information.

The dining room is on the second shelf of the bookcase, which explains why there are no doors or windows.
 After breakfast Sophie takes her chew toy into the library. She knows that Molly will go to the library as soon as she gets home from class.

Polly will probably join her and play the piano while they discuss their day.

Despite their different interests the sisters are the best of friends and rely on each other for advice, support, and confidences.

Remnants of Grandfather's card game from the evening before are still on the table. For Grandfather the library is about cards and good brandy than reading or music.

The library is on the third shelf of my bookcase.

The fourth shelf is below stairs and has no dollhouse furniture yet,  but who knows what may happen in the future. And when do we meet Molly and Polly?

Credits: All furniture is Tynietoy (except the bed stair which is Sonia Messer). Most soft metal accessories are from Germany, made by Gerlach to complement the Tynietoy furniture. Most of the glass is hand blown German from the early years of the last century.  Needlepoint carpets are hand made by someone other than me. The other carpets are Tynietoy. Grandparents are Erna Meyer dolls - cloth over wire with stockinette faces. Unspecified accessories are artisan made or antique found items.
To learn more about Tynietoy click on this link:


  1. This is sooo beautiful! Can I move in? I'll have Polly's bedroom, thank you ;-) It's a perfect home - lots of toast and tea for breakfast, lots of books to read, kittens, beautiful wooden walls, beautiful rugs on the floors ... what more could you want?

  2. I love the blue room, it is so pretty!!
    -Kim :)

  3. I LOVE that blue bedroom set!!! It is painted so sweet and really looks wonderful in the room!

  4. Que maravillas de trabajos, debes estar orgullosa, me he quedado sin palabras , solo felicidades y besos.

  5. Oh my gosh. Fabulous! "Swoosh" and it is yours. I sure like those pieces. Very, very nice.

  6. It's a perfect home.... even with no doors or windows! I love the whole thing! Such wonderful details! And the furniture is beautiful! I have to agree with the others, that blue bedroom is just so inviting!

  7. Just found your website and I'm in awe at your Tynietoy collection. Amazing and very inspiring. I'm just getting back into dollhouses since I (literally) stumbled across a rather woebegone FAO Schwarz Mystery Doll House at our local auction for (gasp) $5.00. I wasn't completely sure it was what I thought it was when I saw the trim -- but then, after I got a closer look at it (after I bought it), I saw the "parquet" floors. It's going to need a *lot* of restoration, and then I'm going to have to furnish it, but it's the dollhouse of my dreams (or will be, if I can keep the cats out of it...). Anyway, your blog will give me lots of inspiration!

  8. They are beautiful! LOve the blue bedroom set! C

  9. Thanks everyone! I am in love with the blue bedroom too. I just keep looking at it. I'm glad I decided to put up the scrapbook paper for wallpaper. The furniture looks much better against the wallpaper than it did against the wood of the bookcase.

    I have been researching Tynietoy, and I think the pencil bed is supposed to have bed hangings. I may make some for it since I feel it will be difficult to find originals. Does anyone know more about this bed?


  10. Duchessb, I am swooning over the thought of an FAO Schwarz Mystery Doll House for $5.00. Lucky you! I am inspired. I see that I need to go to all and every auction.

    Good luck on the renovations. I hope we will get to see it on your blog.