Thursday, December 9, 2010

Schneegas red lacquer

 My friend Amy was lucky enough to find some antique Schneegas red lacquer furniture. It didn't fit in her dollhouses, so she decided to offer it to other collectors and I was lucky enough to get it. As you can see, it fits very nicely into my antique dollhouse. Thanks Amy!!

The red lacquer furniture is impressed with art nouveau patterns, and is harder to find than the golden oak, or yellow cherry furniture of the same style.

The clock is approximately 8 inches tall and is very impressive. It has a mirror behind the soft metal pendulum and clock weights.

 The desk is gorgeous despite its missing door (bottom compartment), and turned piece below the top compartment. I will see if I can find suitable replacements.
The bedroom has four pieces.Three of the pieces have their original impressed cornices, but unfortunately this part is missing from the top of the dresser mirror. But that's not really a problem. I think the dresser looks fine without it.

One of the dresser drawers is missing, and I have found a replacement for it from a different Schneegas dresser that someone painted. I will strip it and stain it to match then put its pewter drawer pull back in. Then the dresser will be as good as new.

I have repaired the pier glass mirror with a plain dowel across the bottom. The original piece would have been elaborately turned to match the side supports.

The wardrobe is missing both doors, but I plan to replace them with plain wood stained to match until I can find suitable replacement doors. I believe the original doors had the same embossed designs as the rest of the furniture.

I am so pleased to have this wonderful furniture. Thanks Amy!!



  1. Beautiful furniture, missing parts and all!

  2. Lovely! They look such much better in your hands then they did in mine. I am so grateful they have a wonderful new home. Just lovely!!!