Thursday, December 2, 2010

Daphne's house tour

Daphne would like to give you a tour of this 1948 Keystone of Boston tudor style dollhouse that she bought on her trip to Washington DC last spring.

Come on in and enjoy!!

This wonderful house is built of masonite (as they called it in the advertisements It seems to be a sort of particle board). It sits on a turn table that is attached by a bolt through the center of the house, which makes it easy to get at from front or back.

The windows are metal, as are the little handrails on the steps.
The living room has a built in fireplace. Daphne has chosen to furnish it with Strombecker wood pieces and a couch chair and ottoman that looks like Scheonhut, but may be from a different company of the period.
The cozy bedroom has a homemade quilt and comfy wing chair. The table is Strombecker and the radio is early 20th century metal. The tall chest is from a House of Miniatures kit.

The calico wing chair and footstool are very common. I see them everywhere. There is also a matching settee in the corner of the room (you can't see it in this picture). Does anyone know who made these sets? They are really cute.
The dining room has a Strombecker table and chairs and a maker unknown dresser. It is quite old and in beautiful condition.

Notice the metal piece in the middle of the floor where the turntable is attached.

The staircase is right in front of the door which prevents it from opening all the way, but the dolls don't mind.

The kitchen has a Strombecker stove and fridge with a dresser from a kit and a newer wooden table. I love the decorative border at the top of the room.

The baby's room has Renwal furniture, as well as other plastic furniture from the same era.

I had that same set of bunkbeds, except in blue, when I was a kid. They are still around somewhere. I never throw out doll stuff.

The bathroom has a Strombecker toilet and sink, with a brass claw foot tub. I haven't been able to find the right tub for this set yet, but I'm sure it will show up sooner or later.

We hope you enjoyed the tour.

Come back and see us soon,


Susan (and Daphne)


  1. enjoyed the tour!! thanks for sharing~

  2. I especially love the printed pattern of floorboards in the house. Very charming. C

  3. Thank you for the tour, I really enjoyed it :)

  4. Un placer visitar esta casa.
    Tiene tantos detalles de esa epoca.
    Me encanta.
    Besos Clara

  5. Enjoyed seeing how Daphne has decorated this house. I also have the same one. If you scroll down on my blog you will be able to compare! Lizzie

  6. Wonderful adventure. I love the staircase and how it curves near the front door. I also really like that green toilet. Fun--Fun-Fun. Thanks

  7. Thanks everyone! I love this house. I am happy that you enjoyed it too.