Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Morning in Mindolton!!

Merry Christmas!!

The Caco Clan has gathered for a special Christmas morning with all the children in the family. What a lot of gifts, including new pets.

 The Victorian family is digging into their presents with great joy. They are especially excited about what father has sent from India where he is on duty for the Queen.
The Grecons are excited to see how the children react to the modern Christmas tree and all the gifts. Their faithful maid peeks from the kitchen door.

Mr. and Mrs. Tirolo prepare a special breakfast as they watch Axel and Anneliese play with their Christmas toys.
Jake and Ruby are busy welcoming friends an neighbors in for a morning mimosa.
The Dalley's are having a wonderful Christmas morning.
And back at the Flaggs Patsy still can't figure out why Santa brought her a brother instead of a pony.

I hope all my wonderful blog friends are having an warm, loving, Christmas morning with their loved ones.

Love, hugs, and best wishes for 2011.



  1. Season's Greetings Susan. Lovely dollshouse pix. Have a good Christmas. Lizzie x

  2. Susan, I love seeing so many of your "families" celebrating the holiday! I hope you have as wonderful a celebration yourself!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Yay! Made it through another Christmas! Love ALL the trees! CM

  4. Happy Holidays! Lovely Images!

  5. Happy New Year 2011!
    May all your wishes come true!!
    Best wishes from Poland Gabi

  6. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year, Susan! These scenes are so sweet, it's lovely to peek into so many homes on Christmas morning :-)
    I expect you won't see this until you are back from your travels - I hope you're having a great time!

  7. Thanks Rebecca! I am back from the Southern Hemisphere where the tub drains counter-clockwise and one navigates with the Southern Cross. Peru is the most beautiful country I have ever seen and I've seen more than a few.I will post Daphne's New Year's Eve adventures this weekend. She enjoyed Peru too, but she almost lost her head by traveling long distances in my pocket.

    Happy New Year and big hugs