Monday, August 10, 2009

Decorating the nursery

Aren't these pictures adorable?

I have a couple of picture frames for them and I plan to put them on the nursery wall in Mindolton Manor. I just wish I could find the time to furnish the nursery.

I have a Heidi Ott toddler (in the small picture) with pigtails for the house - no clothes yet though. I need to get sewing.

I haven't decided what decade to do the nursery. Victorian? 1950's? 2010? Jake and Ruby could fit into almost any era, they way they are dressed. I'll have to give it some thought.

I got this lovely pram for her. I think it is so pretty.


  1. The pictures are just lovely and will look adorable in your nursery! I love the little doll . . . I think Victorian would suit her nicely, but then I'm partial to the Victorian era! LOL! That pram is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it all come together!

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Thanks Teresa. I am looking forward to putting it all together, but I am thinking that is might be a fall and winter project since I can't seem to find the time now. I keep picturing the baby in a white dress with smocking on the yoke, but I doubt if my fingers can sew that small. I'd love to put her in a little pink coat and hat like the little skater in the picture.
    I love the pram too. I bought it on eBay. It was only $10.99. I thought that was a great deal.

  3. Just found your blog. New to blogging. I have just purchased a dollhouse. I have always wanted one and am now taking first steps to redo, plan. I have no furniture, and no idea what direction I want to take. I found lots of inspiration here and I will be back!

  4. Welcome Cindy! You will find all the bloggers really helpful. They do such incredible stuff with their minis, and they are always happy to share ideas and instructions. I have a list of the blogs I follow on the right side of my blog. Make sure you check out Casey's Minis - She creates the most incredible things and has two engaging little characters helping her each day.
    Don't be afraid to ask questions. This blogging community is really friendly.