Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My new doll

I got the sweetest doll for Mindolton Manor. She is a maid, but I think she looks like a Goth teenager. I am thinking about taking off her apron and letting her join the family as just that.

Her name is Marie and she is made of resin, not porcelain. I think she is adorable.


  1. Marie is very pretty. She will make a great addition to your dollhouse family. I remember my daughter during her "goth" stage. She would only wear black and she dyed her hair a copper color. We both laugh at those old photos now!

  2. My daughter went through a goth stage too. She outlined her eyes with black liner and wore bright red lipstick. I thought she looked adorable, so I guess I wasn't your typical mom.
    She dyed her hair black so many times that she had to cut it short a few years ago to remove all the damage.
    She is a beautiful young business woman now. I guess they all go through a stage at some point in their teens.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is a adorable doll, without the apron she will look just fine to joine the family.
    I also have a doughter that dyed her hair many times, red, bleu, green, yellow and black, it was not crazy enough. Well, now she is 30 and pregnant of our first grandchild.
    * marlies

  4. Congratulations!! Grandchildren are so much fun. I don't have any yet, but I borrow my sister's grandkids. They are great!
    Let us know all about the baby when he or she arrives.