Monday, July 27, 2009

Mindolton now has a church

I went to the antique market yesterday morning and found a number of things for my dollhouse including a tiny magnetic chessboard with most of the chess pieces, a box of ancient hand crafted wooden furniture from Mexico, and several dollhouse sized works of art. I will show these treasures to you in a later blog because I am too excited about my big find - a church for my dollhouse village.

It is perfect 1/12th scale, with lovely wooden doors and a ringing bell in the tower (which appears to be missing its steeple). That bell rings merrily every time you move the church, including when it rides home in the back seat of the car.

The vendor at the market could tell me nothing about where it came from or who built it, but he let me have it for only $20.00. I couldn't believe it when he told me the price, and I bought it on the spot.

Each window has "stained glass" which consists of flimsy colored paper that is basically disintegrating from age and neglect. I will need to replace all of it, but with the miracle of the internet and color printers I don't think I will have a problem. I am planning to look up some real stained glass church windows and print them out on acetate.

A couple of the windows are missing their Y-shaped trim, but I think I can replace that easily. There is no floor in the church although it looks like there might have been one originally. The interior is decorated with more wrapping paper and lovely cut-out flowers.

At the moment, I am thinking I will put paper brick on the outside and shingle the roof. I picked up three bags of dollhouse shingles at Value Village for $2.99 on Friday, I didn't realize how fortuitous this find was at the time.

I would like to re-do the charming interior to look more realistic and build some pews, and a pulpit - maybe even a choir loft. I have so many projects on the go right now that Jake and Ruby and the other inhabitants of Mindolton with just have to go to church as it stands now.

There is so much to do in Mindolton. Now we have to recruit a minister, find a rectory, have a village fund raiser to refurbish the church, and of course there is the issue of the missing steeple ...




  1. I love this! You are going to have so much fun restoring this church!
    I have a similar one that my dad made. My mother painted the acetate windows. I just bring it out at Christmas. It doesn't open but I guess I could do that? Right now it's painted white and covered with glitter!
    Thanks for sharing this great find!

  2. Thanks Kathi,
    Sure, you could make yours open. I love the fact that mine is the perfect size and opens and has all the little details. I am planning to use this as a Christmas church in December. I can already see it decorated for the holidays and the little creche at the front, the bows and the candles.
    You are right. I am going to have such fun. I just have to find the time.

  3. Gosh you get the best thrifty finds you is fab :-)

  4. Isn't the church just perfect. I couldn't believe it when I saw it because I had been wishing I could do a church.
    I have been finding a lot lately. Sometimes I wonder it I'm dreaming it, but when I go home there it all is, crowding me out of house and home. lol.
    I live the thrill of the hunt and the feeling of victory when I find something for my hobby.