Monday, July 13, 2009

Cottage Fun II

One of the dolls that came with the house is this little boy in a sailor suit. He is out riding his bicycle because he doesn't want to play with the girls and his mother is ill in bed and he is not allowed into the bedroom except for short quiet visits.

He hasn't noticed the cake on the patio table or it would probably have a big piece missing.

Mother is in bed with her new baby and father is being very attentive. He has brought her roses and a basket of oranges. He was reading her a book, but it seems to be forgotten in his lap. Maybe he is thinking about refreshing the pot of tea he has put by her bedside.

We decided to put mother to bed because she is in poor shape. Her clothes have been rather rudely removed and she has a big tear in her cheek.

There was no bed in the house so we built one out of a macaroni box and some craft foam pieces. Despite the fact that we'd had a couple of glasses of Shiraz by then it came out looking quite good - almost like a hospital bed.

Mary has some wallpaper and flooring that came with the house as well as some other things she picked up at the dollar store. Renovating the dollhouse and making clothes for the mother (so she can get out of bed) will be a rainy day cottage project. So, we have lots more dollhouse fun ahead with a new bottle of wine.




  1. Father is so sweet- what a good husband. I see lots of fun hours of working on this in your future- even more fun if you have more wine :)

  2. It will be so much fun to work on this. I can hardly wait to go to the cottage again. Maybe the weekend after next. Yes, the Shiraz is an important part of dollhousing at the cottage. One gets very creative after a glass or two.