Monday, July 27, 2009

My dollhouse has a twin

I was excited to see Dale's post last week, because she has a dollhouse that looks just like one of mine.

I think they were made from the same set of plans. If any of you have these plans please share. I did a google image search, hoping to find the plans, but no luck. I think the houses are at least 30 years old, judging from the fixtures in mine. Maybe even older.

These two were separated at birth, don't you think?

They look alike on the inside too.

The materials and the execution of the plans are slightly different, but the similarity is too big to be a coincidence.

Mine is wired for electricity in each room, but is missing the lovely hardwood floors of Dale's. My stairs face the front door, while Dale's face the back of the house. The back part of my roof opens for storage - a piano hinge is used. I don't know if Dale's opens. Whoever built mine made the walls fit into little trenches so they can slide in and out for easy decorating. I haven't started to redecorate mine, or figure out how the electricity works, but I love it anyway.

I found mine on Craigslist in Toronto, Ontario and Dale is in New Jersey. There must be more houses like this around. I am sure that both Dale and I will keep you posted on how the renovations go. In the meantime keep an eye out for more houses like this, or the plans they were built from and let us know if you find anything.



  1. Susan! Too funny, I just posted on my blog about the house with furniture in it and came on over to see you here, and what did I find? lol ;) I got a lovely post from the owner of Jack built houses, it's not one of theirs. If you hit on my mailing list, you can get my email address if you want to get to chat more about our houses at length. My house has the grooves for the walls, but they were nailed in. My attic roof is stationary. I love the big shot of the interior of your house. :) This is just way too cool! :)

  2. I know! It's so cool and I am sure there must be more houses like our out there. I plan to continue searching the internet for the plans

  3. Hi Susan,
    On Google books, there are issues of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science, lots of which have plans for dolls houses. I've been looking at them - the one that looks most like your house that I've seen so far is in the December 1927 issue of Popular Science, but there are differences - four windows not three on the top of the front, for instance. But if you search for "doll house" in Magazines on google books, you might find yours!

  4. Thanks Rebecca! I have searched google too but I have not found the plans for this house. I even went into those magazine websites and searched. I saw a few that were similar but not exact.

    I will try your suggestion and search in google books. If I find anything I will do a post.

    I am sure that I will come across it somewhere, sometime. I don't think it is an uncommon doll house plan.

    I love your blog. It is one I look for every day.