Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet the Mindoltons

Jake and Ruby Mindolton would like to welcome you to their home. They live in Mindolton Manor in the doll house town of Mindolton, which is now established in my former dining room.

Please come in. Jake and Ruby are still busy moving in to their big house, but the hand is helping when it can and they hope to have everything in order soon.

Jake is proud to show Ruby that the library is finished. He and the hand worked hard at it and it contains some of Jake's favourite things.

His binoculars on the desk and the saddle bag hanging on the back of the chair are from the old days, before he made all his money and before he met Ruby, but he likes to keep them near, so he doesn't forget where he came from.

"How lovely dear." Ruby tells him. "You will be very comfortable here, but don't neglect me and the family. We like to have you around, you know."
"I would never neglect you or the children, my darling." Jake assures her. "You are the lights of my life."

Ruby is glad that Jake has finished the library because she needs the hand to help her in the east wing. Not a thing has been done there and the children are staying with their Grandma until their rooms are ready.

Jake settles down to relax after a job well done. He likes to lean back in his chair and think about the old days when it was just him and his horse.

One day we will have to hear the story of Jake and his horse and how he became the richest man in Mindolton.

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