Friday, January 14, 2011

Darkest Peru for Daphne

In Peru Daphne visits the edge of the Amazon rain forest.

She once heard of a bear who came from Darkest Peru, and she wonders what it is like to live here.
 Although most of the exotic plants are huge, Daphne finds flowers that are just her size. How she wishes she could grow these at home.
The forest is so lush and green.
Daphne gets the feeling that there is someone other than her photographer in the forest with them. Who could it be?
Peru has 2,873 known species of Orchids. Daphne knows nothing about them except that they are beautiful.

While admiring the pineapple Daphne gets that feeling again. This time Daphne catches a glimpse of the stranger. He looks very familiar?

How curious.

There are more adventures waiting and Daphne has to leave the jungle before she can solve the mystery.

Did you notice anything strange?


  1. Daphne looks as though she is having a great time exploring the Peruvian Jungles! What a lucky girl to travel the world! I love to see the dolls out in the real world! Is that a tiny Paddington Bear?

  2. Yes, that is Paddington Bear wandering around in the Jungle. Fans of Paddington will remember that he is from Darkest Peru. His Aunt Lucy sent him to England when she went into the Home for Retired Bears in Lima and couldn't take care of him sny more.
    Of course Paddington wasn't really there. He lives in England. But Daphne kept imagining that he was.

  3. How funny... That little bear in the corner is so cute. I wonder if the locals saw you taking these photos. So glad you made it home. Dolls with vivid imaginations don't have boring owners. Thanks for the laughs and the great photos.

  4. Also love your new photo of Too Many Houses. Soon I may have the same problem and am curious to how your resolve the issue.

  5. Well I had NO idea Paddington Bear was from Peru. Thanks you for expanding my literary horizons. Love the pictures of the beauty of Peru! CM