Sunday, January 30, 2011

Below stairs at Tynietoy Manor

Last month we visited Tynietoy Manor aka the arts and crafts bookcase in my living room.

Below stairs the cook is making tea and the maid is working on a fresh green salad. Both are for the servants' lunch.

As soon as the butler joins them they can eat.
 The bookcase had been used to display antique cameras. I collected several of them when my daughter was in university, majoring in photography. I thought that the past technology in the field would help her understand the concept and I was right.

She had some fun doing shoots with the antique cameras and developing some of the films that came with them.

She graduated five years ago and left the cameras with me when she flew the nest. I decided that the bookcase could be put to better use.
With the door closed you can't see the kitchen. Ideal for below stairs, don't you think?

You will probably also notice a few strangers in the house. Most noticeable is a giant Prince Philip in the dining room. This Peggy Nesbit doll is waiting for the royal suite to be prepared - somewhere. Truth is I have no place for him. I just put him in here to keep him from getting dusty. You would think the Grandparents would have offered him a cup of tea by now.The butler is also in the dining room.

In the library is a lovey artist doll dressed as an 1820s lady. She looks right at home there. In the chair beside the piano is a 5 1/2" unmarked bisque head doll with glass eyes original wig & clothes.

Molly and Polly are in their rooms on the top floor.

I hope you enjoyed the visit.


  1. OK, I can't get beyond that green dish ware. What is it? This is just my first response. C

  2. The green dishes are metal. They are the same as the gray pewter dishes from the 1920s or 1930s except they are painted green. They have the little embossed flowers on them. I wish I had a complete set.

  3. Que precioso, me gusta muchisimo,te invito a visitarme.Besos.

  4. Great pictures! And I do agree, the book case is better used to display minis ;-)

  5. I just love your cabinet. Love, Love, Love it. It's great for display. I like the scale of it too. All your precious tiny treasures look so lovely.

  6. This bookcase is such an effective dolls house! I love the ?tiling / ? wallpaper on the lower half of the kitchen - it looks very realistic, as does having the kitchen invisible when the door is closed. It looks very like one of the old cabinet houses - perfect for a dolls house, and especially for the Tynietoy furniture.

    Prince Philip obviously doesn't want to break his hosts' chairs! Either that, or he has spent so many years standing some distance behind the Queen that he has forgotten how to sit down ;-)

  7. Your miniatures are so great I have become one of your followers. I also make miniatures. Please visit my blog.