Sunday, January 23, 2011

Built-Rite Furniture

I showed you this Built-Rite house a couple of posts ago, but it didn't have the original furniture in it.
The box tells us that the house comes with 27 large furniture pieces, and there is a picture of the furnished house in the top right and a picture of the actual size of the furniture in the bottom left corner.
The bedroom, living room and kitchen furniture came with the house on flat, pre-punched, pre-scored card stock. The furniture is punched out and assembled with slots and tabs.

Here is the furniture in the house. I think it is slightly too large for the house, but I am sure a child wouldn't mind.
The living room is a little small for all the pieces, so I put the living room desk and chair and the ironing board in the garage.

All the pieces were included except one - the back of the couch. I have used the piece it was punched out of to set up the couch. I will eventually find or make a replacement. The living room had a couch, two end tables with side shelves, a radio, a magazine stand with magazines, a coffee table, a desk with matching chair, a feminine arm chair with matching ottoman, and a more masculine green chair with studs on its sides.

The yellow and red kitchen has a sink cabinet, a stove, a fridge, a hoosier cabinet an ironing board complete with iron and shirt on it and a table with two chairs.
The bedroom has twin beds with blue bed coverings. The design of the room is Art Deco.

The other bedroom furnishings include an arm chair, a vanity with stool, a dresser and bed table and a large wardrobe with a mirror on it.

There are all sorts of extra accent pieces included - mirrors, placemats, a radio, rugs, pictures, magazines, and more.
 And of course the car and the baby carriage. This set was ready for play. It was made in the early 1930s and would have been more accessible to families hit by the great depression than a wooden dolhouse. I am delighted that it has come to me in such wonderful condition. 



  1. How utterly cool! What are those graphics on the headboards? Are they shelves of books? And a reading light?
    Thank heavens it came to you to care for it. BTW Have you seen Toy story 2 about collectors??? CM

  2. There are reading lamps on the headboards. I remember having one of those when I was kid. I haven't seen Toy Story 2 but I will look for it. I enjoyed the first one.

  3. That is just fantastic & in such amazing condition too. Lizzie

  4. I love cardboard doll houses and furnishings better than plastic or wooden ones so seeing this was rare treat .Thanks for sharing your collection.